Thursday, January 5, 2017


I woke early and drove with lights on so it was pretty early. I passed the beaches and there was enough light to see that it was an onshore wind blowing. I decided to keep to my plan of a kayak at Ourimbah Creek.

I parked behind the Chittaway Shopping Centre and there was an easy launch into the creek.

At the beginning, I passed under the Wyong Road bridge and after the a short distance the birds became the dominate sound. they were squawking and screeching in the trees and flying here and there. They must have just woken up. :)

I continued and my next experience were lizards. They were in the trees, on the shore or lying still in the water with their heads above the surface. They weren't in a friendly mood and they took flight even when I was a fair distance away.

The second event was the railway bridge. I passed under it as a train was travelling on it. It was so loud and thunderous. No wonder the animals were quiet in this section.

A short distance later was a low walled weir and the pylons of the old railway bridge. It was a bit tricky getting over the weir with out toppling into the water. I wandered around on the area crossing over the weir and rocks then following a track for a short distance along the banks of the creek towards the west.

I had two more obstacles where I had to porter the kayak. these were fun as there was always the possibility of having an unintentional dip.

The end of the journey was a large and long blockage of intertwined branches across the creek and its banks.

An adventurous and challenging 7.7 km kayak.

I stopped at Terrigal Haven on the way home and joined Jacinta for coffee. After that, I had a refreshing swim.

Later, my daughter and I went to the Haven where she had a sunbake and I had another swim.

Looking forward to a family dinner out tonight.

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