Monday, September 13, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - BRISBANE WATER - Waterfall Bay - kayak - 11 September 2010

A perfect day with sunshine and a light cool breeze.

I drove along Woy Woy Road and took the turn off at Woy Woy Bay Road and drove down a steep incline to Woy Woy Bay. I launched at the public wharf and paddled across the bay to Waterfall Bay.

From this point, I followed the eastern side of the bay. I stopped at a small beach and wandered around it and climbed a few rocks.

I continued on to the end of the bay which became shallower. The waterfall was more of a cascade but it was very pretty, tinkling over the rocks. The water was amazing clear with lots of small fish.

I traversed to the western side of the bay and stopped at a small beach amongst the mangroves. There was an excellent camping spot here. I also came across a male brush turkey guarding his nest mound.

I paddled along the western edge and came across a number of swing ropes tied to trees.

Eventually, I reached Woy Woy Bay and paddled across it. There were a number of boats and skiers but none came close to me so I was happy!

CENTRAL COAST - 'sunset from my cave' - 10 september 2010

I obviously sit in front of my computer a lot. My room (cave) looks over the reserve towards the west. Quite often I leave the cyber world to watch the sun set. It seems that the natural world is more intensified by the changing rays of sunset, but that is obvious too.

Continous 10 second interval photoshots over an hour certainly shortens the time frame of an event.

The wind sways the branches and leaves.
The light fluctuates.
One moment blinded,
the next, all is revealed.

Friday, September 3, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane water NP - Bulgandry - HIKE - 2 September 2010

Only a short walk from the car park but at this time of the year it is a profusion of wildflowers. Even the car park is edged by the bright golden yellow of wattle.

The walk is easy and leads to a wooden walkway with plaques indicating the various sandstone carvings.

It is a place to let your imagination go... large group of local Aborgines carving the figures in the sandstone... compared to the density of the surrounding bush this spot is a natural area for a group of people to sit comfortably, talk and enjoy the sunshine. Why not use it as a spot to carve and tell stories!


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