Tuesday, December 25, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - canton beach - windsurf - 26 december 2012

The wind was a southerly. A little up and down. heaps of fun. No movies or photos but used GPS to record information. I used Mark's sail for the first session and my smaller sail for the second. The GPS only recorded for the second session.

distance     - 17.76 km
time           - 1 hr 
av speed    - 19.4 km/h
max speed - 42.5 km/h

Friday, December 21, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Popran NP - MTB - 21 december 2012

A cloudy day.
Parked along Ironbark Creek Road just after the pipeline trail. Cycled to picnic area. Through the gates.

I followed the service road through Donovan Forest - a quiet and serene place - to trail 248. This section was very narrow with vegetation at head height in places. It finished at a series of tessellating sandstone platforms, which were nice to walk around.

The return down the trail was better as it was downhill.

Then followed the Hominy Creek trail to Emerald Pool. This track was very rutted in sections. Emerald Pool was good but too emerald. I had a swim and found large huntsmen spiders living under the pool rock ledge.

The return journey to the car park was very steep uphill most of the way with some downhill.

In the last section before the carpark, I came across an echna, which quickly took a defensive position under a bush.

9.86 km
140m elevation difference
1.15 hrs
average speed 8.5km/h
max speed 31.8 km/h

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

INDONESIA - Lombok - Kuta - 2008

Where to stay

Novotel Lombok 600 000r

tastura boutique resort – deluxe air con 175 000


matahari hotel -

kuta indah – standard air con 250 000/125 000

Surfers Inn – standard air con 250 000/160 000

- with mini bar 225 000

What to do
Hire car


Novotel – right low to high

Tanjung a’an – beautiful beach

Selong blanak beach

Ekas – boat to inside (left and better right) and outside ekas ( mid tide) – breaks in front of resort – southern reefs- cape ringgal

Gurupuk – (2 lefts and 2 rights)

Air guling – left (mid to high) and right (low to mid)

Mawun left/right

Mawi left/right mid to high – sea urchins

Belongas right/left - sharks

May to October se winds

November to april sw winds

boat to surf 40 000

surf boat per day 200 000

kimen surf – ½ day gerupuk – 260 000

½ day mawi/air guling – 320 000


Novotel - Senggigi to kuta Lombok

85 000 – free to airport.

kimen surf transport

kuta to:

mataram 220 000

sengiggi 250 000

INDONESIA - Lombok - Sengiggi - 2008


Batu bolong – sunset house homestay – batu bolong cottages ac 300 000

Mangsit beach – windy cottages – bulan baru hotel ac 250 000


batu bolong, temple on point sunset

snorkeling north best

Perama tours

day trip along north coast

sekotong – boats to gili gede and gili nanggu,

mangsit beach

surfing – left mid to high – right – unknown spot north


Gili trawangan to senggigi

450 000 speed boat

Sunday, December 9, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Canton Beach - windsurf - 5 december 2012

Fun windsurf at Canton Beach. Mark and Lance were there. South west wind was up and down. Great when it was up!

I put the link below for the video has it wouldn't save as an embed.

CENTRAL COAST - monday street - windsurf - 8 december 2012

Windsurf off Monday Street on Tuggerah Lake with Mark. Wind was strong and kept getting stronger. Couple of big spills at the end, which didn't record.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water NP - Warrah Trig Loop - MTB - 7 november 2012

On this ride, I tried to attack and relax more as advised. It certainly made the ride easier and fun. Got up some hills I couldn't do the other day.

10.53 km
53 minutes
av speed 12.4 km/h
max speed 44.3 km/h
elevation difference 88m

CENTRAL COAST - Wamberal Beach - surf - 5 december 2012

Surf at Wamberal. Clean and fun waves with only a few surfers out. Took some shots after surf.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water NP - Warrah Trig - MTB - 4 december 2012

I drove over near Patonga for the Warrah Trig loop.

The weather was sunny and hot. I had bought new bike shorts and was keen to try them out. They definitely make the ride a lot more comfortable.

I parked at the parking area near Warrah Trig.

I cycled down the dirt road and onto Patonga drive. It was a fast ride downhill to the dirt service road turnoff for Pearl Beach. I followed it until Warrah Trig then doubled back to take the steep service road back to the van.

I notice a number of blocked service roads going down the road which after looking at them on goggle earth look like they would be fun to do!

4.82 km
24 minutes
av speed 13.3 km/h
max speed 29.2 km/h
elevation gain 98m


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