Friday, December 21, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Popran NP - MTB - 21 december 2012

A cloudy day.
Parked along Ironbark Creek Road just after the pipeline trail. Cycled to picnic area. Through the gates.

I followed the service road through Donovan Forest - a quiet and serene place - to trail 248. This section was very narrow with vegetation at head height in places. It finished at a series of tessellating sandstone platforms, which were nice to walk around.

The return down the trail was better as it was downhill.

Then followed the Hominy Creek trail to Emerald Pool. This track was very rutted in sections. Emerald Pool was good but too emerald. I had a swim and found large huntsmen spiders living under the pool rock ledge.

The return journey to the car park was very steep uphill most of the way with some downhill.

In the last section before the carpark, I came across an echna, which quickly took a defensive position under a bush.

9.86 km
140m elevation difference
1.15 hrs
average speed 8.5km/h
max speed 31.8 km/h

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