Sunday, April 3, 2016


Just before the bridge at the Hawkesbury River heading towards Sydney , one can look down onto Mooney Mooney Creek. In the centre of the creek is a small island. I've looked at that island a few times thinking how pretty it looked in such a tranquil setting. Contrastingly, it is named Snake Island.

I parked at Mooney Mooney boat ramp and launched towards Snake Island. The morning was tranquil and the sun had just risen.

It was a nice paddle 'battling'  the currents under the Hawkesbury bridges, well, not really a battle but it was a little turbulent. There are three bridges - two for the motor way and one for the local traffic on the old Pacific Highway.

Passing the bridges, I paddled turned off the Hawkesbury River and into Mooney Mooney Creek. Mangroves, houses, cliffs and fishing type businesses dotted the shoreline.

I reached a point where I turned towards Snake Island. The island was small and an easy paddle around. There was a small sandy beach where I landed and explored the shoreline of the island. It was nice placing my sole imprint into the sand as I walked. I didn't venture inland as it was steep, rocky, no paths, thick with vegetation and probably covered in snakes. I worked at Milson Island which is not far from here and it had lots of snakes so I figured this place would as well.

Leaving Snake Island (I didn't see any snakes), I paddled to the east side of the Creek and followed it towards the Hawkesbury River and Spectacle Island. I had paddled around Spectacle Island before. It is very interesting with some small sandy beaches, mangroves, thick varied vegetation, mudflats and rocks. A large hill dominates the centre of the island with sandstone cliffs tumbling downwards towards the relatively flat shoreline.

I landed on Spectacle Island and walked along the shoreline of rocks and sand.

I continued onwards towards the bridges and the parking artea. On the way, I got stuck on the mudflats. I thought it was only a short distant to deeper water but it took ages pushing very slowly through the shallow water by hand. Still, it was good exercise. :)

A pleasant 8.61 km kayak with interesting features like bridges and two islands.

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