Thursday, April 28, 2016


I wander northwards today looking for a good surf. The tide was low and it looked like the waves would be better later. Later, is unfortunately time I don't have.

In the end, I decided on a ride at Munmorah SCA on the coastal track. I had looked at it before but thought it wasn't really too good. How wrong I was....

The track was an excellent ride. I started at the lower end and basically the track was flat to gradually steep to very steep. The base of the track varied from gravel to compact dirt to stone and to sand. The vegetation was low growth in parts with sweeping views to intense thick bush. A lot of variety.

The best part was the return. It was downhill to flat most of the way back. It was was so much fun with a bit of speed.

Some points of interest...

the spider webs in the low grasses

sweeping views across the conservation area and the ocean beyond

some wild flowers mainly proteas were in bloom

And the webs across the track. I rode under one web towards the end and when I putting my gear away a large orb weaver had attached itself to my helmet. So it got a free ride. I placed it safely in the surrounding bush.

A fun 4.63 km ride. Next time, i'll video from the return leg of the ride.

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