Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I drove to Pelican Beach but the surf was vey small.

Plan B was to check out Soldiers Beach. the surf was also small with the occasional odd wave. I decide on a hike out to the tied island named Soldiers Point.

It was a nice hike through the water and over and across the rock platform. the breeze was very cooling, especially, considering that today's temperature was to reach 41 degrees Celsius, which it did.

It was fun walking over the rocks - checking out the mollusks, surprising a feeding crab or two, walking through the rock pools, water borne waves cascading over the rocks and running along the rock crevices, birds roosting on the rocks or flying with a bright grey cloud background. It was all very nice.

I walked along Soldiers Beach and had a swim.

Back home and the daughters and I went to the Cove Restaurant for breakfast at Terrigal Haven.

Eventually, the tree removal finished and the home noise finally subsided.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


A big day today.

We were having a number of trees removed and trimmed. I stayed home until the tree services arrived and all was okay.

At North Avoca the surf was small but it was still fun and there were a few good waves amongst the smaller waves. I had a good time.

Late, when I got out, I took some random surf photos.

Back at home for checking the tree removal - all was well and do a few domestic chores.

About midafternoon, I had time to go for a bike ride at Kincumba Mountain. It was very hot.

The tracks were good and had a fun time. No accidents. I was drenched in sweat when I finished. I was going to go for a swim but the wind was very strong and it didn't look pleasant.

Back home and they were removing the front tree. A crane was needed to lift the cut logs over the power lines to the house.

They are just about finished and the home looks very different.


Yesterday, was a fun and good surf at North Avoca with only a few other surfers out. Virtually, had the left wave to myself for an hour.

Back home for more moving. The frogs in the fish pond were keeping one of my daughters awake. I'll fix it - move the fish, empty the pond, clean the pond base and store it, move the feature rocks elsewhere, dig out and replant the plants around the pond, fill in the hole, clean up the mess, transfer the fish to their new home on the top deck, clean myself.... thanks dad. She slept better the next night so it was worth it.

In the evening, Jacinta and I had a few drinks at the Crown Plaza Terrigal then went to a great tasting Indian dinner at the Grand Pavilion.

Today, the surf was smaller and there were a few okay waves if you were in the right spot. Once again not many guys out, none when I first paddled out. After I got out, I took a few surf photos but the tide was making the waves very full.

Coffee at Terrigal Haven with Jacinta after both surfs.

A nice weekend. :)

Thursday, January 26, 2017


I awoke to a light drizzle of rain. I drove down to Wamberal and North Avoca to check the waves and decided on a bike or hike at Kincumba Mountain.

I arrived at Kincumba Mountain and decided on a hike as the tracks looked a bit too wet. When it's too wet,  parts of the track are a little more fragile and bike tyres tend to tear the dirt up ruining the track eventually.

I decided on the Kanning Track.

It was an easy walk along a defined track. The vegetation was looking very green as after a bit of rain the dust is washed off the leaves and the dampness adds a reflective sheen.

The track follows the base of a group of boulders alongside ferns and moss covered rocks and logs. At about 1/2 way, there was a small cave that was big enough to enter and stand. Further on, I took a detour which lead above the track I had just followed so that I was on top of the boulders with a view looking down on where I had been.

Unfortunately, I forgot to use insect repellent and the mosquitoes were in large quantities and eager for a feed at my expense. It was a bit distracting.

A nice 1.23 km hike through a light drizzle.


Australia Day today!

It was very quiet this morning. Like the calm before the storm. Soon the beaches, surf and waterways would be packed with people celebrating.

I checked the surf and decided on a kayak at Wamberal Lagoon.

The lagoon was very shallow and it has been for a while due to the dry weather in the last month. There was a green scum over the parts of the water that was as thick as a mattress with the consistency of soggy carpet. I paddled around it and through the gaps.

There were a lot of birds - cormorants, ducks, pelicans herons, swamp hens, sea gulls, plovers and black swans - at the southern end of the lake. Some of the herons were doing a sort of dance while others were deadly still waiting to strike at some prey in the water.

The paddle was limited as the northern end was too shallow for paddling.

A quiet and serene 3.49 km paddle.

Later, I had a swim at Terrigal Haven. The water was clear so I saw a lot of small fish as I had my ocean swim.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Busy, busy, busy! Back from the mountains but a lot of room moving and yard stuff to do. Okay though as I was in the mood to get organized.

In the meantime, I did a few relaxing things.

On the 21st, Jacinta and I drove to Pearl Beach for a coffee on the beach and a swim.

I love that place. It is a small, leafy village on a flat area at the bottom of a steep drive. It is surrounded by a u-shaped ring of steep hills and cliffs. It has a pretty beach with a rugged stretch of coast to the north and south. It adds up to a serene, quiet and friendly area.

We had relatives visit for a few days. Nice to have visitors!

On the 24th, after watching a beautiful sunrise on North Avoca Beach, I had a kayak at Avoca Lagoon. The water level was still low. The morning sunrise and the cloud covered lead to a contrasting shades of grey between the sky, water and land. There were a number of birds out and about.

Two things stood out on this kayak though I have no photos of them. the first was a sea eagle that slowly flapped passed me and within two metres with a medium sized bat in its talons. An awesome sight.

The second, was a group of deers that wandered briefly out of the lagoon edge undergrowth. Deers are not native to Australia but there is a deer farm on a nearby property.

It was a pleasant 3.81 km kayak.

The waves for surfing had been poor though I've looked a few times each day.

Monday, January 23, 2017


I woke up early, had breakfast and readied the van for a drive.

During the night, I heard a large band and as I was leaving the campsite, I saw that the money box holding the camp fees and part of the pole were gone. the mystery of the bang was solved.

I drove in the Gloucester direction and stopped for a short hike at Cobark Park. The parking area looked impressive but the trail was overgrown and lead nowhere.

I continued on and stopped at Gloucester for a cappuccino, breakfast and petrol. Gloucester is a nice town and I like the atmosphere, the small cafes and the backdrop of rugged mountains.

I continued further towards Gloucester Tops. I passed over about six causeways with water running over them and then in was the long and windy road to the top where the hikes are located.

My first hike was to the Gloucester Falls. It was an easy track leading down to creek and then following it. I turned off the main track at one stage to wander closer to the creek and watch the water cascade over the rocks. Further onwards, I stopped at the view point for the Gloucester Falls. I hike up a steep hill brought me to expansive lookout with great views. I continued along the track back to the car. It was an extremely hot day! I rested for awhile in the shelter and struck up a conversation with a retired couple.

Though it was very hot day, I did another 1.17 km hike along the Beach Forest Track. The vegetation was very thick with trees and ferns and the track was steep in parts leading to two creek crossings. The humidity was extreme. The second creek crossing was very peaceful and pretty and I  rested here for awhile taking in the relative coolness of the cascading water. Back at the van and it was time to get out of the heat and down to the camping area.

The camping area at Gloucester River was nice and I gathered some light food and sat in creek for the rest of the afternoon to cool off.

Late in the afternoon a storm hit with strong winds, rain, thunder and lightning. the rain continued lightly throughout the night.


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