Monday, January 2, 2017


After an early surf check, I decided on a bike ride. Out westwards to Kariong.

There are some great tracks that start near the fire control centre at Kariong.

The first track was very overgrown with spiky bushes that scratched and stabbed at me. Well, that doesn't sound like fun but it felt good when the track opened up onto a large sandstone rock platform. These platforms have the ocean etched into their solid features making for a thinking ride.

An unusual feature of this platform was about twelve circles of small stones that had been carefully made across the platform. I don't know why they were made but the isolated nature of this spot means that they will stay pristine for awhile.

Getting back to a main track was also through thick spiky bushes, then following a narrow track along the fence line of the fire control centre.

The tracks were generally more open and varied from sandy bogs, sandstone, dry creek beds to steeply and heavily eroded loose stone. Heaps of fun because of the variety.

There were two other large sandstone platforms which I played on and enjoyed.

Another nice feature was the headwaters of a small creek. Very pretty!

A very hot 'sweat in the eyes' 7.7 km ride.

Later, I drove down to Terrigal Haven for a swim to cool down and clean the scratches.

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