Monday, January 23, 2017


I woke up early, had breakfast and readied the van for a drive.

During the night, I heard a large band and as I was leaving the campsite, I saw that the money box holding the camp fees and part of the pole were gone. the mystery of the bang was solved.

I drove in the Gloucester direction and stopped for a short hike at Cobark Park. The parking area looked impressive but the trail was overgrown and lead nowhere.

I continued on and stopped at Gloucester for a cappuccino, breakfast and petrol. Gloucester is a nice town and I like the atmosphere, the small cafes and the backdrop of rugged mountains.

I continued further towards Gloucester Tops. I passed over about six causeways with water running over them and then in was the long and windy road to the top where the hikes are located.

My first hike was to the Gloucester Falls. It was an easy track leading down to creek and then following it. I turned off the main track at one stage to wander closer to the creek and watch the water cascade over the rocks. Further onwards, I stopped at the view point for the Gloucester Falls. I hike up a steep hill brought me to expansive lookout with great views. I continued along the track back to the car. It was an extremely hot day! I rested for awhile in the shelter and struck up a conversation with a retired couple.

Though it was very hot day, I did another 1.17 km hike along the Beach Forest Track. The vegetation was very thick with trees and ferns and the track was steep in parts leading to two creek crossings. The humidity was extreme. The second creek crossing was very peaceful and pretty and I  rested here for awhile taking in the relative coolness of the cascading water. Back at the van and it was time to get out of the heat and down to the camping area.

The camping area at Gloucester River was nice and I gathered some light food and sat in creek for the rest of the afternoon to cool off.

Late in the afternoon a storm hit with strong winds, rain, thunder and lightning. the rain continued lightly throughout the night.

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