Thursday, June 10, 2010

indonesia - Bali - Medewi - Surfing - May 2010

4/05/10 – rain

Arrived at Medewi and had late afternoon surf. The waves were about a metre plus and the wind was cross shore. Definitely, not the best conditions for surfing.

5/05/10 – sunny, cloudy

I had early surf in one metre plus waves. There were long lulls between sets but the walls were long and fun.

6/05/10 – sunny

I had early surf at one metre. The waves were a little slow and sluggish in parts.

Indonesia - Bali - Medewi - May 2010


Medewi is on the west coast of Bali.

I stayed at a small losman in a clean fan room for 70 000 rupiah. There were smaller cheaper rooms. There is also a lot of accommodation in Medewi along the beach to the north and along the road leading to the beach.

The walks around Medewi are very interesting. In the course of an hour walk, I wandered pass a river, rice fields, the town, beach, fishing boats, homes, farm animals and restaurants.

The locals are friendly and helpful. A great place to watch the daily life of Balinese people.

Indonesia - Ekas Lombok to Medewi Bali - May 2010

The surf was looking its best this morning. I just didn’t have time as I needed to sort out my bill and drive to the airport at Mataram for my flight to Bali.

I pay my bill, said my farewells and arrived at Mataram half hour earlier than I expected. The drive was great, especially, when we passed through a market in pone town. The traffic slowed and it was very interesting sitting on the inside looking out and the daily market happenings.

The check in at the airport was quick but the plane was delayed, it was well over an hour before it finally left. It was a bit annoying as I really did have time for surf.

Nyoman, my driver in Bali was at the domestic airport waiting. We3 stopped at a bakery and continued our journey though cloud and then rain to Medewi. The ride was relatively free of traffic though just at Medewi we experience delays due to a truck and car colliding.

At Medewi, in the pouring rain, I met up with Ross. We stayed at a no name losman with clean cheap rooms amongst a number of families.

Domestic airport to Medewi 400 000 rupiah

Room Medewi 70 000 rupiah

Indonesia - Lombok - surf - April/May 2010

28/04/10 - sunny

I arrived and surfed afternoon at Lombok 1 at about ½ to 1 metre sluggish lefts.

29/04/10 – sunny

We caught a boat and surfed at Lombok 3 at about 1 to 1 ½ metre rights. The waves were excellent with fast steep takeoff and a long wall.

In afternoon, I had a surf Lombok 1 at ½ to 1 metre. Once again it was a bit sluggish but some of the rights were more exciting where they broke.

30/04/10 – sunny

I surfed at Lombok 1 early at about ½ to 1m lefts. I then caught boat to Lombok 3 which was excellent again at 1 to 1 ½ metres.

1/05/10 – sunny

We had surf at Lombok 3 at late in the morning at 1 metre. It was a bit bigger on the sets.

2/05/10 – sunny

We had small ½ metre surf at Lombok 1 but it was short and sluggish. Later, we caught a boat to Lombok 2 for 1 to 1 ½ metres waves. The waves were powerful and fun lefts.

3/05/10 – sunny

We had a surf Lombok 1 at ½ metre in morning.

Later in morning, we had a surf Lombok 2 at 1 plus metres. The peak kept shifting but it was still powerful and fun.

4/05/10 – sunny

The swell had picked up and was looking good at Lombok 1 at about 1 to 1 ½ metres. Unfortunately, I had to leave for my flight to Bali. More unfortunately, I arrived early at the airport and the flight was delayed an hour so I really did have time for a surf. I had a magnum to cheer me up!

Indonesia - Lombok, Ekas - scuba diving - May 2010

The opportunity arose for a scuba dive at Ekas. I have never been before and they had an introductory dive available.

We caught a boat to a coral reef in the centre of the bay and while on the way I was explained equipment use and safety instructions.

Into the water we went and slow sank into the depths. The visibility was poor on the surface but at 3 metres it was clear. There were heaps of corals and fish.

The best part was being under the water for so long skimming just above the various coral formations.

I was a bit disoriented when I finished but it was well worth it.

indonesia - Lombok - Ekas - HIKE - April 2010

I left the resort just before sunrise for a walk through the jungle and back along the coast.

I walked through the resort and down the hill to the beach. Halfway down the path there is a turnoff to the left. I followed this track through the jungle which joined up to a dirt road. I followed the dirt road to the home of the resort owner. The view from the hill was pretty spectacular.

I then followed another track through the jungle which led down to the beaches on the other side of the headland. This track was steep and slippery, especially, in the section just before the beach.
The beach was white sand surrounded by steep cliffs. A short distance along the beach I surprised a huge goanna which quickly scurry along the sand to the rocks at the base of the cliffs. The end of the headland at the far end of the beach wasn’t passable due to the slippery rocks and the incoming tide.

I returned along the beach and around the base of the headland I walked over previously. The incoming tide made it difficult to pass due to slippery and numerous rocks. Eventually, I worked out it was easier to walk through the water on the flat of the reef, which was about waist deep. I got a little wet but it was quicker.

Upon reaching the beach on the other side of the headland I was treated to a sight of a pack of monkeys. They made it clear they didn’t like my presence so I stayed in the water wading along the edge of the beach until there was a safe distance between them and me.

At the end of the beach, the local guys were preparing the boat. At this point, the steep stairs lead from the beach and back to the resort.

Indonesia - Lombok - Ekas - Heaven on the Planet Resort - April/May 2010

Heaven on a Planet resort is situated at Ekas in the south east of Lombok on a hill overlooking a wide bay. It is an isolated place with a few nearby small rural villages.

The resort has a large entertainment and eating area. The menu has a large choice of meals. Down the hill from this level is another entertainment area with chairs, television and sound system. Below level is the small but nice swimming pool.

The rooms are situated in the gardens or overlooking the bay.

My room had a large double bed with mosquito net, television, DVD, various pieces of furniture and a bathroom.
The gardens have paths leading in various directions. At the bottom of the hill is a nice white sand beach with reasonable swimming at high tide. There are chairs and tables. The resort boat is moored on the beach.

The staff are westerners and locals. All are friendly and very helpful.

Power is provided by generator, which is turned off during the night. On a few nights, the lack of fan made the room extremely hot and uncomfortable. The roof is thatched so the nets are to keep out mosquitoes and critters from the roof. Scorpions are around and they search for damp places so shake your towel and costumes well before using.

There are other inclusions in the package deal stay or one can opt for the no package deal.

Overall, it is a great place to stay but expensive by Lombok standards. Drinks and certain activities are in addition to the package cost.

indonesia - Legian Bali to Ekas Lombok - April 2010

After a night’s rest in Legian Bali, I was ready to move to other places.

The day before, I checked the web for surf conditions then I booked flights to and from Mataram in Lombok. After that, I rang heaven on a planet resort in Lombok Ekas and booked accommodation and pick up at Mataram airport.

I caught a taxi to the domestic airport in Bali for 50 000 rupiah. I checked in at the Merpati counter then went to another counter to pay 52 000 rupiah for my surfboard. The domestic flight tax at customs was 30 000 rupiah.

The flight was very quick with no problems. The flight is so quick that they give you a snack box and water as you are boarding the plane.

Mata ram airport is well organised and I quickly got my bags and went through customs.

I met four other guys from Melbourne who were going to Heaven on the planet resort. We travelled about 2 hours in a van to get to Ekas. The journey was great passing through towns and countryside. People were busy doing work or nothing at all. The last part of the drive was through rough roads to a bumpy track.

I quickly settled into HOT planet resort. The entertainment area looked great, the room was excellent and the views awesome.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Wamberal - surf - 8 June 2010

I arrived at Wamberal beach with one guy out, getting some huge barrels. A few more guys paddled out.

There were some huge wipe-outs, some barrels that eventually shutted down massively and some perfect barrels.

A surf for the skilled, committed and gutsy.

CENTRAL COAST - Terrigal - surf - 5 June 2010

There were waves around but messy towards the north. A large crowd going in various directions in front of the Terrigal surf club.

About four great waves bowled across from the yellow buoy while I was watching. Noone caught them!

Indonesia - Sumba to Bali - April 2010

Kelala to Waingapu - 500 000 rupiah

Air Batavia – Waingapu to Denpasar – about 700 000 rupiah

Denpasar domestic airport to Legian – 70 000 rupiah

Youdi, our driver in Sumba, (085253497776) turned up right on time. We left Kelala in Sumba at about 7am after breakfast. The drive took 2 hours so we arrived at Waingapu airport much too early to check-in and sat around for a long time.

Eventually, we checked in our bags then Youdi returned and we went into Waingapu for lunch at Mr Cafe.

We returned back to the airport but the flight was delayed ½ hour and we flew to Kupang in West Timor. The plane was delayed again for another ½ hour so we arrived at Bali about an hour late.

Nyoman, our Bali driver, (08155775989) was there waiting for us so the whole journey was easy but long.

I stayed that night at the Kumala Hotel for 250 000 rupiah.

Indonesia - Sumba - Surf - April 2010

Sumba surfing

15/4/10 – cloudy rain

I arrived late in the afternoon. The surf was wild but there were reasonably sized and good waves breaking all over the reefs and along the beach. Too late to surf but it was nice watching.

16/4/10 – sunny

I had an early 1 metre plus surf at low tide on the left over the reef. It was a good wave that continued onto the beach and ended on sand.

At about mid day, I surfed at a right that formed up directly in front of the resort at high tide. It was about 1 metre plus with a good takeoff and a long fast wall that ended full in deep water. It was a lot of fun and the water was very clear underneath.

In the afternoon, I surfed on the beach rights which were okay at about ½ to 1metre.

17/4/10 sunny

I had early surf on the left at about 1 metre but it was a bit sluggish and closing out on the beach section. The waves were far between.

I paddled off the reef and down the beach where there was a small ½ metre right peeling for a short distance close to shore.

After that, I decided that the swell was dropping too much for this venue and would try my luck at Sumba 2.

17/04/10 – sunny, cloud, rain

I arrived late afternoon. Surf was breaking well but a long, long way out to sea.

18/04/10 – sunny

Long and fun head height waves for morning surf and afternoon surf.

19/04/10 – sunny, rain

Morning surf was ½ head height and a little bumpy.

A boat arrived in the afternoon with a number of friendly Austrian surfers. I had a fun ½ head height surf with them late in the afternoon.

20/04/10 – rain, cloud

I was starting to get a cold.

Surf was very small though the Austrians got themselves a few fun waves early morning before they left on their way to Bali.

21/04/10 – sunny

I took some flu tablets for the cold. I had a later morning surf in half head height waves that were fun, fast and breaking close to the reef.

The afternoon surf was excellent with head height plus waves.

22/04/10- sunny

Took flu tablets but I felt like crap.

The surf had picked up to double head height. The take off was fast and furious and there was a lot of water movement. My first wave was looking good but ended up bad with me being dragged under for ages and pummelled by endless sets after that. I managed two more waves but I was stuffed.

Back to Sumba 1


Not encouraging enough to surf.


The window of surf opportunity opened in the afternoon with the left breaking 1/2 metre off the reef into deep water. The wave was breaking deeper on the reef so the ride was long and fun.


No waves, too small.

Indonesia - Sumba - Tarimbang - Hill View - April 2010

We travelled to the top of the hill for mobile phone coverage. The views were amazing.

When the generator, which provides power, was off, there was mobile phone coverage in the resort. Still, the drive was worth it.

Indonesia - Sumba - Tarimbang - HIKE - April 2010

The walk from martens to the beach was about 500 metres.

The beginning of the walk was along a narrow track pass a number of wooden and thatched houses. The locals were friendly. There was music coming from one house, which was a bit puzzling as there was no electricity nor was there a generator operating.

After the houses, we followed the road to the beach or there was a turnoff part of the way down the road through the jungle. The jungle was thick along the road with intermittent houses and small fields. The biggest problems were the dogs that roam freely. They were aggressive and intimidating. If one started barking or howling, others would appear and join in the game of terrorise and eat the tourist. Mind you, the locals eat the dogs. Blacked furred dogs are the preferred dog to eat.

The jungle track was cool as it ended suddenly on the beach and the vista of the stunning beach and headlands. Monkeys are living in the nearby jungle but I didn’t see any.

Where the road ends are a number of concrete slabs which, I was told by the king of tarimbang are graves. It was a popular spot for locals to sit, mainly because everywhere else was muddy.

The beach is white sand with safe swimming. A small river empties into the sea just beyond the road ending. We helped the king of Tarimbang cross the river by carrying him. He was built like a match stick and looked about 100 years old.

Towards the headland were the fishing canoes. Beyond them were the headland cliffs and small inlets.

The beach and headlands are an amazing beautiful sight.

Indonesia - Sumba - Tarimbang - Martens Homestay - April 2010

Mobile - 085281165137

Cost - 150 000 rupiah per night with three meals. Coffee is available all day.

Marten’s is run by Marten, who is a friendly guy. His wife runs the shop at the front of the ‘resort’. There are a number of people working there but nobody seemed to be doing nothing much.

The car/driver from Waingapu is 650 000 rupiah for a three hour journey which is quite rugged in the last hour.

On arrival, it took awhile to get the room organised. Marten collects your money, etc and you each count and write in on a piece of paper and sign. He then puts it in safe keeping. No money is needed while here. Things bought in the shop are written in a book and you pay at the end of the stay.

The guest rooms have a small veranda and room with a thatched roof on stilts. The bed is a mouldy mattress on the floor with a mouldy pillow. This is covered by a mosquito net. Nails are the coat hangers around the room. When these rooms are full guests stay in the staff rooms.

There is a shared bathroom and toilet.

There is a large entertainment area with a few chairs, lounges and tables. There is one power socket which works when the generator is working. Locals come in the evening to recharge their mobiles. The meals are served in this room and guests eat in groups of four sharing a number of Indonesian dishes.

The staff is reasonably friendly and helpful to a certain degree.


Buy these things in Waingapu

A mattress, a pillow and fruit, especially, oranges

Get a lightweight hammock in Bali about 100 000 to 120 000 rupiah


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Indonesia - Sumba - Kelala to Tarimbang - April 2010

Kelala to Waingapu 500 000 rupiah

Waingapu to Kelala 650 000 rupiah

This was a long drive.

As the crow flies, the distance isn’t too far but the roads in Sumba are different. The drive from Kelala to Waingapu went via the south and east coast which is relatively flat. It lasted 2 ½ hours.

The second leg of the journey from Waingapu to Tarimbang involves hills and badly maintained roads during the last hour. The drive was 3 ½ hours.

There was a lot of rain which isn’t much fun in steep and windy roads which are deeply potholed.


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