Monday, June 7, 2010

Indonesia - Sumbawa - Periscopes - surf, HIKE, motorcycle - April 2010

Periscopes is a bit of a distance from Lakey Beach. Like most breaks around the area transport is required or else be prepared for a long walk.

The motorcycle ride to Pericopes can go two ways:

1. Along the road – We drove along the main road swerving around the potholes, goats, horses and whatever. Just before the large sign announcing the beginning of Hu’u village there is a dirt track which follows a canal leading the surf at Periscopes. Along this track there are a number of makeshift plastic sheet homes and huts. It is quite a sight passing people living, preparing food, washing and bathing along the edge of the track and canal. Most seem to be itinerant field workers.

The track becomes very bumpy and narrow passing tall elephant grasses and rice fields. Eventually the track ends and the bikes are parked and we climb over a small bamboo fence and walk the short distance to the beach.
2. The second way is via the beach. There is a sandy track to Nungas then it is over the small sand dunes and down onto the ‘hard’ beach sand. The ride is exciting, especially, while holding on to your surfboard. Now and again the bike would spin out when the sand became too soft. There is a small shallow river crossing, where all control of the bike is just about gone. Better to walk this section. It is a cool way to get to the surf and far quicker than the road.

Periscopes is a right reef break. It is a fun, fast, variable and good wave.

10 April 2010 – sunny

We had our first surf at Periscopes late in the afternoon. It was about 1 metre plus with just a few guys out. A great wave though the wind was a bit strong.

11 April 2010 – sunny

We had morning surf at Periscopes at 1 metre. Fun!

The afternoon surf was blown out by onshore winds. We had a walk on the reef during the low tide. Lots of sea creatures!

Looked again in the afternoon but it was blown out so we went reef walking.

12 April 2010 – sunny

Once again a morning surf at about 1 metre plus. There were some good waves.

13 April 2010 – sunny

We had very early surf at Periscopes. There were only two of us out for the first hour. Great waves! After two hours the crowd increased heaps and it became a little intense. Luckily, I was inshore by then and watched the tension and drop-ins mount.

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