Monday, June 7, 2010

Indonesia - Sumbawa - Lakey - walk, surf - April 2010


Lakey Beach is a long white sand beach. The reef starts at the mid tide mark and runs along the length of the beach. Further out there is deeper water that forms a U-shape with exposed reef at low tide in the middle of the U-shape. On the exposed reef there is a two storey platform for viewing the surf.

Along the land side of the beach is a path and behind this are various restaurants and accommodations. The path is a bit uneven so at night a torch is essential.

The restaurants all have good food and the accommodations have a range of standards and prices.

Also along the path a number of small shops selling food, drinks, books, etc

There are three main breaks in front of Lakey Beach:

Lakey peak left

Lakey peak right

Lakey pipe

All these are great waves that can get intensely crowded. Forget the dawn patrol; there are guys out there in the dark.

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