Thursday, June 10, 2010

indonesia - Lombok - Ekas - HIKE - April 2010

I left the resort just before sunrise for a walk through the jungle and back along the coast.

I walked through the resort and down the hill to the beach. Halfway down the path there is a turnoff to the left. I followed this track through the jungle which joined up to a dirt road. I followed the dirt road to the home of the resort owner. The view from the hill was pretty spectacular.

I then followed another track through the jungle which led down to the beaches on the other side of the headland. This track was steep and slippery, especially, in the section just before the beach.
The beach was white sand surrounded by steep cliffs. A short distance along the beach I surprised a huge goanna which quickly scurry along the sand to the rocks at the base of the cliffs. The end of the headland at the far end of the beach wasn’t passable due to the slippery rocks and the incoming tide.

I returned along the beach and around the base of the headland I walked over previously. The incoming tide made it difficult to pass due to slippery and numerous rocks. Eventually, I worked out it was easier to walk through the water on the flat of the reef, which was about waist deep. I got a little wet but it was quicker.

Upon reaching the beach on the other side of the headland I was treated to a sight of a pack of monkeys. They made it clear they didn’t like my presence so I stayed in the water wading along the edge of the beach until there was a safe distance between them and me.

At the end of the beach, the local guys were preparing the boat. At this point, the steep stairs lead from the beach and back to the resort.

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