Thursday, June 10, 2010

indonesia - Legian Bali to Ekas Lombok - April 2010

After a night’s rest in Legian Bali, I was ready to move to other places.

The day before, I checked the web for surf conditions then I booked flights to and from Mataram in Lombok. After that, I rang heaven on a planet resort in Lombok Ekas and booked accommodation and pick up at Mataram airport.

I caught a taxi to the domestic airport in Bali for 50 000 rupiah. I checked in at the Merpati counter then went to another counter to pay 52 000 rupiah for my surfboard. The domestic flight tax at customs was 30 000 rupiah.

The flight was very quick with no problems. The flight is so quick that they give you a snack box and water as you are boarding the plane.

Mata ram airport is well organised and I quickly got my bags and went through customs.

I met four other guys from Melbourne who were going to Heaven on the planet resort. We travelled about 2 hours in a van to get to Ekas. The journey was great passing through towns and countryside. People were busy doing work or nothing at all. The last part of the drive was through rough roads to a bumpy track.

I quickly settled into HOT planet resort. The entertainment area looked great, the room was excellent and the views awesome.

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  1. Anytime I read a travel piece I am ready to book a ticket. I'm such a sucker for any cultural experience. Sounds amazing! I've done Europe, much of Asia, and North Africa. Hands down my favorite trip was a food and wine tour to Tuscany. Really had the time of my life and it's like every local is there to help you enjoy. Next trip you should check it out @



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