Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Indonesia - Sumba - Surf - April 2010

Sumba surfing

15/4/10 – cloudy rain

I arrived late in the afternoon. The surf was wild but there were reasonably sized and good waves breaking all over the reefs and along the beach. Too late to surf but it was nice watching.

16/4/10 – sunny

I had an early 1 metre plus surf at low tide on the left over the reef. It was a good wave that continued onto the beach and ended on sand.

At about mid day, I surfed at a right that formed up directly in front of the resort at high tide. It was about 1 metre plus with a good takeoff and a long fast wall that ended full in deep water. It was a lot of fun and the water was very clear underneath.

In the afternoon, I surfed on the beach rights which were okay at about ½ to 1metre.

17/4/10 sunny

I had early surf on the left at about 1 metre but it was a bit sluggish and closing out on the beach section. The waves were far between.

I paddled off the reef and down the beach where there was a small ½ metre right peeling for a short distance close to shore.

After that, I decided that the swell was dropping too much for this venue and would try my luck at Sumba 2.

17/04/10 – sunny, cloud, rain

I arrived late afternoon. Surf was breaking well but a long, long way out to sea.

18/04/10 – sunny

Long and fun head height waves for morning surf and afternoon surf.

19/04/10 – sunny, rain

Morning surf was ½ head height and a little bumpy.

A boat arrived in the afternoon with a number of friendly Austrian surfers. I had a fun ½ head height surf with them late in the afternoon.

20/04/10 – rain, cloud

I was starting to get a cold.

Surf was very small though the Austrians got themselves a few fun waves early morning before they left on their way to Bali.

21/04/10 – sunny

I took some flu tablets for the cold. I had a later morning surf in half head height waves that were fun, fast and breaking close to the reef.

The afternoon surf was excellent with head height plus waves.

22/04/10- sunny

Took flu tablets but I felt like crap.

The surf had picked up to double head height. The take off was fast and furious and there was a lot of water movement. My first wave was looking good but ended up bad with me being dragged under for ages and pummelled by endless sets after that. I managed two more waves but I was stuffed.

Back to Sumba 1


Not encouraging enough to surf.


The window of surf opportunity opened in the afternoon with the left breaking 1/2 metre off the reef into deep water. The wave was breaking deeper on the reef so the ride was long and fun.


No waves, too small.

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