Monday, June 7, 2010

Indonesia - Bali to Sumbawa - 7 April 2010

I arranged transport the day before with Nyoman. This guy had a good van, turned up on time, was friendly and not problems. I used him for most of my transport on this trip.

+628155775989 from overseas

Email of brother:

We left Balian at 6:30 am on 7 May 2010 with some rain. The trip down crowded in spots with trucks coming from Java.

We arrived at the domestic airport at 8:30 am. My flight with Merpati was leaving at 10:00 am. The departure tax was 30 000 rupiah. My surfboard cost about 70, 000 rupiah. This was my first time in the domestic airport at Bali. I was meeting Nick, Nick, Marty and Mat at the airport. I met the first three guys in Medewi about two years ago. Mat was a friend of theirs that I met in Berewa about 4 days previously. Eventually, I met up with the guys and we boarded the flight to Bima, Sumbawa.

At Bima, we went fairly quickly through customs and were met by the van from the Alam Ganti hotel. The drive was about 2 ½ hours through flat and hilly terrain through little traffic on a two way road. We also passed through a few small towns.

The road deteriorated somewhat at Hu’u, which is a small village just before the Alam Ganti Hotel, Lakey Beach. On arrival, we checked in at reception and were swamped in a friendly way by guys offering motorbike transport. I took Harry, who spoke little English. We negotiated for 50 000 rupiahs per day to ride me to and from the local surfing spots.

Then we were off to the rooms, which were air conditioned and brand new.

Later, we surfed at Cobblestones and dinner at the Frenchman’s

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