Monday, June 7, 2010

Indonesia - Sumba - Kelala Beach - HIKE - April 2010

The beach at Kelala is a long, long beautiful white sand beach lined with umbrella palm trees. At the western end, the beach is long, wide and sandy with good swimming and the northern end has a narrow beach with a series of reefs that jut out to sea. Waves crash on the outside fringe of the reefs curving inwards at the reef openings. On shore the waves lapped peacefully at my feet.

I had a number of walks along the beach in both directions. There were few local people and mainly I met cows, butterflies and the odd dog or two.

The fishing boats which were far between were of the paddle dugout type. The fishermen huts were thatched and the area around them was roughly fenced.

The sunrise was serene and the sunsets were an awesome display of changing colours. The sunset show lasted for what seemed like hours.

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