Thursday, August 17, 2017


I wasn't well yesterday nor much better this morning but by mid morning I felt okay enough to ride my new mountain bike.

I decided on Kincumba Mountain as it has a number of places to loop back to the start if I started to feel to sick again.

The bike - Trek Marlin 7 - went really well. It felt higher to ride due to the 29" wheels compared to 26" wheels and generally it felt very loose.

After awhile, I got better control of the steering and stated to pick up speed. It was faster than my old bike and so much easier to peddle with the better gear system. The hydraulic brakes were excellent.

I finished the ride, the fastest ever for me and I didn't feel at all tired.

I need to work on a few aspects of my steering and going over obstacles. Looking forward to it.

After the ride, I went down to Terrigal Beach and had a coffee in the warm sunshine then a walk along the beach. It was such a pretty day - warm, blue sky and clear, brisk water.

Later, Kara and I took the birds to Kincumba Mountain. We sat on a large sandstone rock overlooking a large clearing. The sun was still warm and it was so quiet and peaceful. A nice afternoon.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


15 August 2017

A morning hike around the rocks at Terrigal Haven. The tide was low and the ocean swell was very low so I was able to walk to spots that are normally too wet and slippery. At the top of the Skillion ( a large headland) I watched a whale journeying to the north. It was clearly visible and sent up fountains of spray. Nice.

Later, Kara and I took the birds out and sat around Wamberal Lagoon. The weather was arm and the water was very reflective.

My bike was in for repairs. I got a call and the cost was going to be $380 to fix it. I decided to buy a new bike. I picked up the old one and bought a Trek Marlin 7 with hydraulic brakes.

14 August 2017

I checked the waves and had a fun surf at Wamberal Beach. The waves wee okay but it was so awkward surfing in a wetsuit after two months.


13 August 2017

A beautiful, warm and sunny winter's morning.

I took my time and eventually went for a surf. There were okay at North Avoca. I put on my wetsuit, got the board out of thee van and realized I left the fins at home. I took that as a warning sign.

Luckily, I had the kayak in the van so I went for a paddle around Avoca Lagoon.

It was so peaceful and relaxing, especially at the western end where the wind was minimal. There were heaps of birds out. The highlight was the Black Swan sitting on its nest in amongst the reeds.

Back home and I put the surfboard fins in the van. :)

12 August 2017

So tired today. I just pottered around the house.

Jacinta and I had coffee down at Terrigal Haven.

I put my bike in for a service and brake adjustment.


11 August 2017

We spent the day getting the house in order. A big job!

Late in the afternoon, I had a bike ride on the tracks at Kincumba Mountain. The Summit Track had been extended a few hundred metres. I fun ride though I need to urgently to get my brakes fixed.

I went down the Haven beach to enjoy the sunshine. The water was so warm I strolled along the water's edge with my feet in the water.

10 August 2017

Back from Indonesia at 6:15am

Ran into long time friend Roger at the airport. A nice start to our return.

We got through customs relatively quickly and were soon on the shuttle bus home.

We arrived home at 10:30am and unpacked and started the getting the house back to normal tasks. That was fine as i slept poorly on the plane so do mindless things was okay.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


7 AUGUST 2017

We got to Legian and were pretty tired after the morning surf sessions and the long drive in traffic.

We cruised the rest of the day, spending most of the day around the hotel pool.

The traffic was amazing loud and offensive after the quiet of Balian.

8 AUGUST 2017

Kara and I had a massage and the rest of the day as sitting by the pool.
We had beers down at the beach at sunset and caught up with Wal and Desty.
After that, we had a nice dinner at Kumala Pantai restaurant and listened to some pleasant music.

9 AUGUST 2017

We all did a bit of shopping then spent the day around the hotel pool.
We gradually packed our gear for the flight home then had an early dinner.
We were picked up by Nyoman at 7pm and got to the airport in plenty of time.
Business class seats on the flight. Worth it, for an all nighter flight.

Our flight left 10:35 pm.


27 JULY 2017

I had an early long surf in the morning. It was a bit bumpy but still good.
A fun second surf but I was so tired by the time I got out.
We ran into Col and Jeff, while having dinner. The girls from Emerald Beach were in good 'spirits' walking up the hill yahooing and gesturing. They had lost one of their friends (Tammy) who I found for them in Deki's safe and well.

28 JULY 2017

A morning surf check revealed Russell from WA, who I met in Balian about 4 years ago.

I had a mid morning long and  fun surf.

Back in for a short sleep (tired!) then we had a great lunch at Tom's Garden.

I had a late okay surf.

We had a pleasant dinner at Gubug Cafe.

29 JULY 2017

I woke to a light rain and smallish surf. I paddled out and had a fun time with no one out.
Back in for breakfast with Kara and Jacinta.
I had a second okay surf later. Getting out I had chit chats with Russell, Loz, Tammy and Michelle.
I met Nathan, who is here for a month. He has just finished a messy divorce and settled other issues and now needed a place to rest and chill out. Good decision and good place to choose.
I joined Kara and Jacinta for lunch at Tom's Garden.
A third surf with some good waves amongst the mushy ones.
We had dinner at Tekor, chatted with Trevor's family and later Col, Jeff and a Canadian girl.

30 JULY 2017

The surf looked a little sloppy earlier so I waited till after breakfast before paddling out. I had a few nice waves but it was a little bumpy.
I met Frank and Adam from Coffs Harbour. 
We had lunch at Pitaya and then I had an afternoon kip.

31 JULY 2017

Surf messy all day.

I had an early morning walk through the village. It was nice watching the locals at their morning activities and enjoying the rising sun.

Lazed about the rest of the day.

1 AUGUST 2017

A messy surf in the morning.
Had a surf after breakfast but it was all over the place. I caught two waves then came in.
The rest of the day was lounging about.
We had a nice dinner at Istani's with Nathan joining us. On one of the tables was surfing legend, Simon Anderson, who invented the thruster system of fins for surfboards. A total revolution in design at the time.

2 AUGUST 2017

I had a morning surf in good size waves. it was a tricky surf with the waves a little random but I had some good waves amongst the ordinary ones.
The second surf as better and I had some fun challenging waves. The waves tended to rear up quickly and were a bit random. I took a lot on the head but enjoyed myself.

3 AUGUST 2017

Messy surf.

At low tide, Nathan. and I had a long, coastal hike south. I've done this a number of times but it amazing how much the sea changes the coastline in a short amount of time in this area.
There were some interesting features - mushroom shaped rocks, massive sea arch to walk through, local boats, massive and pounding waves, temples, new dwelling and old neglected dwellings.
Kara had massage and Jacinta did her nails.
It was a quiet late afternoon, so we had a few beers then meandered down to Tekor's for dinner then back to Gubug Café for more beers.

4 AUGUST 2017
We met Becky and Rob a few days ago. Becky is very bright and bubbly and Rob's claim to fame was/is that he is a foot model and competed in Wipe Out  in 2009 (TV show) and was eliminated in 11th place. 

A messy surf so just pooled it and ate.

5 AUGUST 2017

An early surf with size and good shape. I had a lot of fun.


The second surf was fun but not as good.
Resting the rest of the day.

6 AUGUST 2017

Morning surf. It started off a little bumpy but there were some nice waves but after an hour it lost a lot of form and I belly boarded in.
Caught up with Jeff and Mark. I passed a few unwanted items on to Mark.

7 AUGUST 2017

Early surf in fun waves.
Second surf. I was a bit tired but it was the last day so I paddled out and had a good time.
Completely surfed out of it at the moment.

Packed gear and had lunch.
Paid bill then it as off to Legian.


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