Thursday, November 29, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Ourimbah State Forest - MTB - 29 november 2012

The day was starting cloudy but predicted to be hot hot hot!

I drove to Ourimbah State Forest to try at the runs there.
On arrival there was no one there but a short time later a car pulled up. I was lad of that as after checking the map, I had no idea where the trails started.

The two guys had been here a few times and said I could follow them as the trails/tracks were only partially signposted. My lucky day!

The guys knew the way and gave me warning at the top of each rise what to expect in the next section.
The tracks lead in a variety of directions winding pass trees, etc. There was uphill, flats and downhill.

Some parts were divided into a and b tracks. The a track being the steeper. There were a lot of drop offs, holes, mud puddles, ruts, etc which made it all fun and exciting.
I had a great time and finished with perspiration running into my eyes, drenched shirt and shorts and a few scratches. The best ride I’ve had yet!

Unfortunately, I didn’t turn the gps on all the way so a big part of the map is missing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water NP - van danis and sani depot trail - MTB - 21 november 2012

Off for a mountain ride at BrisbaneWaters National Park.

I parked at the start of Van Danis Trail.

I rode along the Van Danis trail then turned off into the Sani Depot Trail. I followed Patonga Drive back to the start of the Van Danis Trail then refollowed it and turned off in the direction of Patonga. Where the trail met the Patonga Drive, I followed it back to the start.

Near the beginning, there was a turn off track that lead to a large sandstone rock platform with some great views to the west.

.It was a good ride with some steep runs and a lot of bumps.

distance            5.82 km
time                  33 minutes
av speed           13.3 km/h
max speed        29.2 km/h
elevation gain   98m

Sunday, November 18, 2012

AUSTRALIA - Werakata NP - Mungo Brush, - 15 november 2012

I left Mungo Brush and a small group of dingoes and headed to Werakata National Park

Werakata National Park
I parked at Astills Picnic Area. The weather had turned hot and humid. I cycled along Astills Trail then joined onto Deadmans Loop.  Astills trail was a service road and pretty boring. Deadmans varied in road/trail conditions making it a more interesting ride. Unfortunately, then was a few illegal dumpings spoiling the overall appearance of the area and the signposting was very poor (or maybe it had been vandalised).

Distance               8.11km
Time                      0:4
Av speed             10.6kph
Elevation gain    52m

Great trip but now back home!

AUSTRALIA - Booti Booti NP, Forster, Mungo Brush - 14 november 2012

The surf was small. Boomerang had a bit of a wave in the south but they were very few and very far between.
Cape Hawk

I drove to Cape Hawk lookout. It was a short but steep walk in the light morning drizzle to the top of the hill.  The dampness made the walk a smellfest. Nice! At the top there was a steel view tower with excellent 360 degree views.

Distance               .49km
Time                      0:21

Elevation gain    66m

The surf at One Mile Beach was clean though barely breaking especially with the high tide.

Foster beach was even smaller. I had a swim in the rock pool.
I drove to the Tuncurry Breakwater and walked along it part of the way. I had given up on a surf but North Wall was breaking so I hurried back to change and in I went. It was ½ to 1m reasonable rights in clean conditions. Heaps of fun!

After lunch, I drove to One Mile Beach. The surf had become wind blown. While there, I  went on the short John Ward Rainforest Boardwalk.

I read a bit on the Wootton Historic Railway walk and was looking forward to a different cycle. After turning off the main road, I drove along a reasonable dirt road for 2km but the next 2km was on a deeply pot holed, rutted, mud pooled road. It took far ages to drive the 2km. The track started at a picnic area that was very run down. Signs pointed into a forested area for the walk/cycle. I walked part of the way but found the track heavily littered with leaves and once I the forest it was extremely difficult to ascertain which way to go. I decided to do another day.

Mungo Brush
I stopped at Bulahdelah for supplies then drove to Mungo Brush camping area.  I met a nice couple from Barcelona and Milan, who were returning home the day after tomorrow. I also met a nice elderly couple who were prawning that evening. They had some great stories to tell.

AUSTRALIA - Treachery, Wallingat NP, Booti Booti NP - 13 november 2012

The surf was very small and no shape. Onward!

Wallingat National Park
I stopped at Sugar Creek Picnic area for the start of a walk and cycle.

Hotel Creek Loop

The cycle went along the hotel trail then followed Thomas road and back to the picnic area.  The hotel trail was a challenge with thick leaf litter, branches and low trees. I had to keep a careful watch on this section and it oozed snake territory (didn’t see any). The next part was along dirt logging roads with some big pot holes. I forgot to turn on the GPS until the logging road.

Distance               6.24 km

Coachman Track
After a break, I walked the coachman track. The signs were a bit poor and the track which meandered through the trees was difficult to follow due to leaf litter. I went part of the way and returned.

Distance               .13km
Time                      0:10

Whoota Whoota Lookout

Next, I drove to Whoota Whoota Lookout. The road was steep and heavily rutted in sections. A hard drive. The view was great though a little hazy over the hinterland and the coast to the north and the south.

Wallingat River
Continuing, I drove to the Wallingat River camp area. After lunch, I had a great kayak upriver along the Wallingat River. The end section broke into sections. I followed both. The water was very clear in these end sections. I was able to see the rocks, underwater logs and fish. On finishing as I was drifting near the joining of the two tributaries, I was treated to an aerial display by two eagles.

Distance               3.97km
Time                      1:10

Av speed             3.4kph

Back at the campsite, while having lunch I was further entertained by a lace monitor. It climbed around and then rested metres away from me. I was going to stay the night but the weather report predicted rain in the morning and the road was bad enough dry.

Booti Booti National Park
Off to the Ruins camping area in Booti Booti National Park. I checked Boomerang along the way but it was very windblown. The surf at Booti Booti was also windblown.

Met some teachers/helpers from a Steiner school group. Nice dedicated people!
Camp: $10

AUSTRALIA - Red Ochre, Hawks Nest, Myall Lakes NP, Treachery - 12 november 2012

A promising day with reasonable waves at Wamberal beach.

The video above is of the 4 day trip

Red Ochre Beach
I drove to Red Ochre Beach. The surf was bit messy. Onward!

Hawks Nest
The waters between Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest looked very serene.  I drove on to Bennett Beach which was very messy due to howling north east wind.

Hole in the Wall
Hole in the Wall wasn’t looking too bad but the tide was too high for waves to be breaking. I decided to come back later. I came back later but the wind had increased and the place was a mess.

Mungo Brush
I went on a bike ride along rainforest and tamboi trails. The rainforest ride was up and down with tree roots and low branches. I went over hard on one occasion. I returned via the road and then followed the tomboy trail. This was flatter with some fun bumps on the cabbage palm lined trail. It ended at tamboi fishing village

Distance               8.61 km
Time                      0:50
Av speed             11.2 kph
Elevation gain    10 m

After lunch, I crossed in the car ferry at Bombah Point and drove on to Treachery.

The surf was bigger but the inside wave was just dumping and the outside wave was a short right going left… not very inspiring!
I cycled out to the headland. The track was narrow and thick with vegetation in sections. The view from the headland was excellent.

Distance               3.17km
Time                      0:34
Av speed             5.45kph

Met two guys who knew Ross and Tony in Tathra. Small world!
I walked along the sand dunes and beach at sunset.  A good way to end the day!
Camping: $14pp


CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water - Kincumber Broadwater - kayak - 11 november 2012

I launched from Sorrento road in Empire Bay to kayak around Kincumber Broadwater.

The tide was with me so it was an easy paddle along Cockle Channel towards the entrance of the Broadwater. There was an interesting small mangrove island which divides the channel into two. The water was shallow along the island shores making for clear viewing of the underwater world.

The entrance to the Broadwater was relatively narrow with a number of boats, houses and places to launch. I veered to the eastern side where there was a variety of birdlife. I just drifted with the current and enjoyed the show.

Further along, I came across to small tributaries and one larger one. I paddled up all three. The smallest was shallow and difficult to paddle due to the mangroves. I tended to pull myself through rather than paddled.

The second one passed a mobile home area.

The third was wider and much longer. I passed houses, industrial areas, jetties in the wider section. The narrower section passed between mangroves with closely encroaching urbanisation. Still, there were lots of ducks and lizards and unfortunately dumped rubbish. It is amazing how plants and animals survive under these conditions. Despite the rubbish it was still pretty.

On the journey back, I stopped at a small island in the Broadwater and rested and watched the world go by.

It was a good kayak with pretty scenery and birdlife.


Distance               9.12 km

Time                      2 hours 51 minutes

Av speed             4.4 km/h

Sunday, November 4, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water NP - Tommos Loop - MTB - 4 november 2012

A mountain bike this morning at tommos loop in brisbane waters national park.

The weather was good and there were a few nice views over the hills and bush. the track surface at times was over sandstone.

distance 6.71 km

time : 35 minutes

av speed 12 km/h

max speed 42.8 km/h

elevation gain 99m

It was a great fun ride!


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