Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water NP - van danis and sani depot trail - MTB - 21 november 2012

Off for a mountain ride at BrisbaneWaters National Park.

I parked at the start of Van Danis Trail.

I rode along the Van Danis trail then turned off into the Sani Depot Trail. I followed Patonga Drive back to the start of the Van Danis Trail then refollowed it and turned off in the direction of Patonga. Where the trail met the Patonga Drive, I followed it back to the start.

Near the beginning, there was a turn off track that lead to a large sandstone rock platform with some great views to the west.

.It was a good ride with some steep runs and a lot of bumps.

distance            5.82 km
time                  33 minutes
av speed           13.3 km/h
max speed        29.2 km/h
elevation gain   98m

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