Sunday, November 18, 2012

AUSTRALIA - Booti Booti NP, Forster, Mungo Brush - 14 november 2012

The surf was small. Boomerang had a bit of a wave in the south but they were very few and very far between.
Cape Hawk

I drove to Cape Hawk lookout. It was a short but steep walk in the light morning drizzle to the top of the hill.  The dampness made the walk a smellfest. Nice! At the top there was a steel view tower with excellent 360 degree views.

Distance               .49km
Time                      0:21

Elevation gain    66m

The surf at One Mile Beach was clean though barely breaking especially with the high tide.

Foster beach was even smaller. I had a swim in the rock pool.
I drove to the Tuncurry Breakwater and walked along it part of the way. I had given up on a surf but North Wall was breaking so I hurried back to change and in I went. It was ½ to 1m reasonable rights in clean conditions. Heaps of fun!

After lunch, I drove to One Mile Beach. The surf had become wind blown. While there, I  went on the short John Ward Rainforest Boardwalk.

I read a bit on the Wootton Historic Railway walk and was looking forward to a different cycle. After turning off the main road, I drove along a reasonable dirt road for 2km but the next 2km was on a deeply pot holed, rutted, mud pooled road. It took far ages to drive the 2km. The track started at a picnic area that was very run down. Signs pointed into a forested area for the walk/cycle. I walked part of the way but found the track heavily littered with leaves and once I the forest it was extremely difficult to ascertain which way to go. I decided to do another day.

Mungo Brush
I stopped at Bulahdelah for supplies then drove to Mungo Brush camping area.  I met a nice couple from Barcelona and Milan, who were returning home the day after tomorrow. I also met a nice elderly couple who were prawning that evening. They had some great stories to tell.

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