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AUSTRALIA - Treachery, Wallingat NP, Booti Booti NP - 13 november 2012

The surf was very small and no shape. Onward!

Wallingat National Park
I stopped at Sugar Creek Picnic area for the start of a walk and cycle.

Hotel Creek Loop

The cycle went along the hotel trail then followed Thomas road and back to the picnic area.  The hotel trail was a challenge with thick leaf litter, branches and low trees. I had to keep a careful watch on this section and it oozed snake territory (didn’t see any). The next part was along dirt logging roads with some big pot holes. I forgot to turn on the GPS until the logging road.

Distance               6.24 km

Coachman Track
After a break, I walked the coachman track. The signs were a bit poor and the track which meandered through the trees was difficult to follow due to leaf litter. I went part of the way and returned.

Distance               .13km
Time                      0:10

Whoota Whoota Lookout

Next, I drove to Whoota Whoota Lookout. The road was steep and heavily rutted in sections. A hard drive. The view was great though a little hazy over the hinterland and the coast to the north and the south.

Wallingat River
Continuing, I drove to the Wallingat River camp area. After lunch, I had a great kayak upriver along the Wallingat River. The end section broke into sections. I followed both. The water was very clear in these end sections. I was able to see the rocks, underwater logs and fish. On finishing as I was drifting near the joining of the two tributaries, I was treated to an aerial display by two eagles.

Distance               3.97km
Time                      1:10

Av speed             3.4kph

Back at the campsite, while having lunch I was further entertained by a lace monitor. It climbed around and then rested metres away from me. I was going to stay the night but the weather report predicted rain in the morning and the road was bad enough dry.

Booti Booti National Park
Off to the Ruins camping area in Booti Booti National Park. I checked Boomerang along the way but it was very windblown. The surf at Booti Booti was also windblown.

Met some teachers/helpers from a Steiner school group. Nice dedicated people!
Camp: $10

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