Friday, August 3, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Triangle Island, Mangrove Creek - kayak - 3 august 2012

I drove to Spencer, which is a small town on the Wisemans Ferry Road for a kayak. The weather was overcast.

I launched from the boat ramp which is across the road from the genereal store. Triangle Island is opposite the boat ramp.

Triangle Island (Hawkesbury River): A small mangrove covered island, triangular in shape hence its name, on Mangrove Creek, a tributary of the Hawkesbury River. The island is located off Hibbs Point and Wendoree Park, land which once belonged to First Fleeter Peter Hibbs.

I paddled along the west shore for awhile and admired the birds sunning on the poles of the netted pool. From this point, I crossed to the island and followed its triangular shape back to where I started.

At one point, I tried to paddle through the mangroves of the island. it was very thick and dense so I didn't get very far.

This was only a short kayak as I wasn't feeling well due to an up and down virus.

Back to the shore, a feed from the general store and a sit on the sunny wharf for the end of a short but fun kayak.

CENTRAL COAST - Terrigal Haven - surf - 1/2 august 2012

The weather was wild on the 1 August with a howling wind and big seas. I took videos from the lookout on Havenview Street. Very cold! Guys were getting some nice waves but most were having a lot of trouble trying to get onto the wave.

The next day, was smaller and less windy. This time, I took videos from the beach at Terrigal and on the rocks at Terrigal Haven. The tide was low and a few guys came to grief on the rocks.


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