Tuesday, May 31, 2016


A cold morning with threating rain.

Drove to Kincumba Mountain for a MTB.

Had a fun 3.79 km ride along two tracks. The second track was harder as there were a lot of leaves over the track and sand making traction a little difficult. In a few spots, branches had been placed along the track creating dangerous obstacles.

Still, it was very quiet and I wasn't so cold at the end of the ride.

Saturday, May 28, 2016


A chilly but sunny morning.

I drove to Bouddi National Park and parked at the Maitland bay carpark for a mountain bike ride.

This was a great ride as I was feeling more in control and two sections where I had some difficulty previously, I rode right through. A real feel good :). I've been watching a few MTB videos giving tips to improve riding ability. Maybe some of it was rubbing off. Anyway, I felt a lot more confident and in control.

The NW ridge trail had been recently groomed on the edges of vegetation making it a more fun and pleasant ride.

The morning sun put on a bit of a bush show this morning with filtered light and highlighting areas. It gives the green more green and brings out the colours of the tree trunks, especially, the angophoras.

A great 5.17 km ride.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


It rained during the night and looked like it was starting to clear.

Down to Avoca lagoon for a mirror image kayaking time. the rain started lightly just after starting then grew heavier but not so bad.

I quite enjoyed the kayak in the rain. There was a tranquil feeling as I gazed over the flat rain speckled water with birds moving slowly amongst the foliage.

But it is nearly winter and after an hour, I was starting to get a little wet and cold.

A nice kayak. Glad I had a poncho in my drybag.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Another sunny morning. I drove to Umina to check the surf. It was pretty big so I continued to Patonga Beach. Patonga is very sheltered but I was interested to see how a big swell affected it. No effect but it was so pretty.

I stopped on the way back at Mount Ettalong.

It is a short ride being 1.8 km but it has some of the best views on the Central Coast. I tis a single wide track over dirt and sandstone leading to a lookout over Umina and Box Head. Along the way there are short side tracks to sandstone ledges giving amazing views of Pearl Beach and south to Sydney.

There were some amazing tree formations - growing over and between the rocks

The views were spectacular on the whole ride. Each stop gave a slightly different perspective.

The final view was across Umina nd Box Head. The sun was directly into the eyes but the view would be heaps better later in the day.

A fun ride.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


The Step trail is in Lane Cove National Park, Sydney.

I parked neared the tennis courts at Canoon Road Turramurra. The start of the hike was a mess - very wide, eroded, concrete and tar and a few fenced off areas for preservation. The area is definitely denuded and in need of TLC. Still, a start as been made.

After a short distance, there was a track to the left leading down steps. Yes, the start of the Step trail. The track meandered up, down and around before descending to the Lane Cove River. Along the way, there were a few highlights - a view point over the surrounding trees and some dried and semi damp creeks. The best part of the hike was descending past a dried rocky steep creek. At this point, the track was very scenic as it winded up, down and around boulders with various plants interspersed.

The track at the base is a dirt service road that follows the river and eventually, leads to another service road that goes back to the carpark.

An easy and enjoyable 2km hike along the top of the ridge.


I parked at Staples Lookout and rode the tracks to Bulgandry, the Australian Aboriginal site area.

On the map the tracked looked okay but after a short distance a turn to the right showed the track to be very steep and massively eroded. The telephone poles followed this line. I decided to continue on the track I was on and see where it lead.

This track was windy and also heavily eroded with lots of  large loose stones and pockets of deep sand. It was a challenge getting down it.

The rest of the track was gradual up and down with a few narrow side tracks through the bush. I reached Bulgandry and viewed the Aboriginal rock art. It is very impressive! the last time I was here, the carvings were very faint but since then there has been a number of ceremonies held here and the carvings retched in the telling of stories.

The return was via Woy Woy Road which was very an experience. At one stage, the bike lane ended and the cars were flying past at 80km/h and so close.

A challenging 6.85 km ride.

Friday, May 20, 2016


I drove to Bouddi National park for a hike down and along Maitland Bay.

The walk down was along steps and a track. Highlights - trees growing over rocks, a bridge, a ferned gully, huge majestic trees, views down to Maitland Bay, steps hewn into and between large boulders.

At the southern end of the beach I walked along the rocks and was impressed by the patterns in the sandstone and the view north.

The beach walk was nice with the waves lapping up the sand wetting my feet.

The north end was rocky and the water too high for a decent rock scramble but still the views south were nice.

Back along the beach, I walked along the base of the cliff until I reached a pond of water which was fed by two creeks. Some nice reflections at this spot.

The return walk from the beach to car park was about 20 minutes of steep pleasant walking.

A great 3.55 km hike with some nice surprises - sunrise through the clouds, vegetation silhouetted against the dispersed morning light, waves lapping the sand and beautiful sandstone patterns.


A sunny morning with light wind. The morning started off chilly but soon was soon warm.

I went for a hike/wander along the shoreline between Bateau Bay and Blue Lagoon.

I walked down the steps at Bateau bay to the sound of many birds. and snips of views across Bateau Bay and Crackneck Point.

I followed the beach and saw a guy snorkeling over a small reef close to shore. The water was a bit cool so it explained why he was moving so fast.

There are a number of small rocky reefs at Bateau Bay and I spend some time glazing at the small waves breaking across them.

I walked along the edge of the dry rocks between Bateau Bay and Blue Lagoon. I tried walking along in the shallow water but the rocks were too slippery. This is the second rrocky area that I.ve walked around previously that were fine but are now very slippery. I hope my theory is wrong but I use to remember that the rocks were covered with a more sea mollusks. Maybe the lack off mollusks has resulted in an increase in the slime that they fed upon.

As I walked along the foreshore there were a number of birds foraging for food along the cliff and the scree of rocks at the base of the cliffs.

I reached Blue Lagoon and walked along the seaweed strewn beach. There was a nice view back along the rock platform and towards Shelley Beach.

I continued through the camping area that was along the beach and upwards towards the tracks of Wyrrabalong National Park. There were some short tracks off the main track that lead to viewpoints along the coast. Nice!

A pleasant wandering 1.56km hike on beaches, rocks and bush tracks.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


I was in Sydney and had some spare time so I had another ride at Blackbutt Creek.

I went harder this time and really enjoyed the ride. The end section was pretty steep. This time, I returned via the streets but I think it is much more fun backtracking to the start.

A fun 3.67km ride in the centre of suburbs.


The wind was light but looked like it was on the increase. I decided on a kayak to Pelican Island in Tuggerah Lake and then a paddle/play in The Entrance channel.

Pelican Island is part of Wyrrabalong National Park. This national park runs along the coastline in sections then covers the islands in Tuggerah Lake. It must be difficult to manage!

The paddle out was a bit bumpy due to a slightly increasing wind but drop off when I reached the sheltered side of the island. I was planning a walk but the vegetation was too thick and where it was sparser there were a lot of birds that I didn't want to disturb.

Back to the channel I followed the southern side and had a fun time passing sightseers and fishermen.

One fellow pointed out that there was a large sting ray just ahead of me. Thanks, I got some nice underwater shots of it.

In the centre of the channel are a number of sand banks where birds tend to congregate.

A fun 4.19km kayak.


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