Monday, February 25, 2013

AUSTRALIA - VICTORIA - 21 to 25 february 2013

Time to catch up with Marty.

I met Marty and his mates in Bali a number of years ago. Since then we have caught up together a few times and even  had a surf trip to Sumbawa.

I caught a train to the airport then Jetstar to Melbourne. The flight was fun - delay 1 flight leaving later, then delay 2 auxilary batttery broke so no air con, then delay 3 gangway broke down, then delay 4 jet in front broke down, then delay 5 electrical storm so no work. But yes, I did make it to Marty's, who was waiting at the airport for me (long wait).

The first night was relaxing with 1/2 slab of beer.

In the car and off to the west coast. The waves were small and bumpy but it was still fun. We surfed at Bells then drove to Nick's place at Anglesea. The night was more beers, Jack Daniels, etc, etc.

We woke up bright and cheery and went for a wave at some beach. A nice left breaking very fast over a very shallow sand bank. Getting the right wave was a bit hard.

Back to the ranch, and Wassa and Barn had turned up so back to drinking, etc. Later a friend of Marty's Di turned up. It was a fun night!!!

The morning was beautiful. A few of us went to the beach for a morning swim.

Back to Nick's and then off to Marty's. We dropped around to visit Zac and buy a wetsuit. A quiet night and then the journey back home.

Marty dropped me at the airport. And yes, there were delays again. Delay 1, the baggage conveyor had broken down so the line up was very very long, delay 2 the plane was late arriving therefore late leaving, delay 3 we moved gates and finally, delay 4 the gangway to the plane broke down (must have borowed the one from Sydney).

It was a great few days. I had lots of fun and enjoyed the great company.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


distance      8.77km
time            45mins
av speed     11.6 km/h
max speed  43km/h

I parked on Woy Woy road at the speed camera.

I cycled around the quarry. There were people swimming in the quarry pools!

I then followed Thommos Loop and the road back.

A good cycle but it was a bit too hot.

Monday, February 18, 2013


I paked at Gosford waterfront and paddled across to the railway bridge and under. From there, I followed the channels to the far end of Fagans Bay, went under a footbridge and followed the channel for a short distance before it ended.

The paddle was mainly in glassy conditions but on the return leg the wind was up once I passed under the railway bridge.

It was interesteing following the channels with fish jumping and scurying away from my approach. there were a number of birds but due to the shallowness of the water I couldn't get close enough for a good picture.

The bridges were cool to go under. Thee were three on this paddle.

I must remember to check the go pro for fogging!

distance  6.6 km
av speed 6.6 km/hr
time        1h 32mins

Monday, February 11, 2013


Off for a surfing trip to the NSW mid north coast with Ken and Kieran.

5th January 2013

First surf stop was Wallabi Point (Saltwater). We had a fun 1 metre but infrequent surf at the point and heaps of waves on a fast dredging right at the end of the point. Both spots had just us out.

Later, we set up camp at Delicate Nobby campground and had a surf at Racecourse. It was an easy infrequent 1m right with just two of us out.

6th January 2013

Drove to Point Plomer early and had a great surf with easy 1m long rights. Just us and a few ski riders. heaps of waves for all.

Later, we surfed at Racecourse again. It was fun with just a few out.

7th January 2013

Checked out heaps of local breaks but not good. Had a walk along Delicate Nobby beach - very quiet and pretty.

After lunch, we drove to Boomerang. Had a few nice lefts and one good right. Most waves were a peak and short ride before going full. The water was crystal clear.

We continued on to Cellito and st up camp.

8th January 2013

Ken and I, had an early full surf and met Brett (old mate from early surfing years) and arrange to meet for coffee.

After coffee, we went back to Cellito and had a great 1m surf with some solid waves. We sat around the beach for awhile and went for another surf as the crowd had dropped considerably.

We walked back to camp, had lunch and then were approached by a number of goannas from different directions. They were very aggressive and fearless. Ken said they harmless but he didn't stay to pat them when they came very close.

After the attack, we drove home to safety.

A good fun trip with lots of uncrowded waves!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

AUSTRALIA - CANBERRA - 2/3 February 2013

The girls and I drove to Canberra to view drawing portraits.

It was pouring rain most of the way down but cleared from Goulburn onwards. Along the way, we watched a group of parachutists glide over the highway.

We visited the portrait gallery but there wasn't any drawing drawing potraits. Still, it was interesting.

Next., we walked across the road to the National Gallery and viewed the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition. That was very good and the girls found what they wee looking for.

We drove to the Cotter campground and set up for the night. Mark G. dropped by and we made arrangements to cycle the next day.

It was very cold that night despite being in the middle of summer.

Mark called around early and off we went to Stromlo. We went better than last time. Personally, I managed to get to the top much easier than last time. The ride down was insane!

36 mins
18.24 km/h av speed
31 km/h max speed

We went back to the camp area, packed up and after a stop at the Stromlo Cafe we drove home.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

CENTRAL COAST - ECHIDNA - 30 january 2013

My daughter saw an echidna in the front yard. We followed it around for ages as it made its way around the various levels.

Finally, it made its way down the to the backyard and disappeared under the house.

Not something you see every day!


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