Sunday, February 10, 2013

AUSTRALIA - CANBERRA - 2/3 February 2013

The girls and I drove to Canberra to view drawing portraits.

It was pouring rain most of the way down but cleared from Goulburn onwards. Along the way, we watched a group of parachutists glide over the highway.

We visited the portrait gallery but there wasn't any drawing drawing potraits. Still, it was interesting.

Next., we walked across the road to the National Gallery and viewed the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition. That was very good and the girls found what they wee looking for.

We drove to the Cotter campground and set up for the night. Mark G. dropped by and we made arrangements to cycle the next day.

It was very cold that night despite being in the middle of summer.

Mark called around early and off we went to Stromlo. We went better than last time. Personally, I managed to get to the top much easier than last time. The ride down was insane!

36 mins
18.24 km/h av speed
31 km/h max speed

We went back to the camp area, packed up and after a stop at the Stromlo Cafe we drove home.

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