Monday, February 11, 2013


Off for a surfing trip to the NSW mid north coast with Ken and Kieran.

5th January 2013

First surf stop was Wallabi Point (Saltwater). We had a fun 1 metre but infrequent surf at the point and heaps of waves on a fast dredging right at the end of the point. Both spots had just us out.

Later, we set up camp at Delicate Nobby campground and had a surf at Racecourse. It was an easy infrequent 1m right with just two of us out.

6th January 2013

Drove to Point Plomer early and had a great surf with easy 1m long rights. Just us and a few ski riders. heaps of waves for all.

Later, we surfed at Racecourse again. It was fun with just a few out.

7th January 2013

Checked out heaps of local breaks but not good. Had a walk along Delicate Nobby beach - very quiet and pretty.

After lunch, we drove to Boomerang. Had a few nice lefts and one good right. Most waves were a peak and short ride before going full. The water was crystal clear.

We continued on to Cellito and st up camp.

8th January 2013

Ken and I, had an early full surf and met Brett (old mate from early surfing years) and arrange to meet for coffee.

After coffee, we went back to Cellito and had a great 1m surf with some solid waves. We sat around the beach for awhile and went for another surf as the crowd had dropped considerably.

We walked back to camp, had lunch and then were approached by a number of goannas from different directions. They were very aggressive and fearless. Ken said they harmless but he didn't stay to pat them when they came very close.

After the attack, we drove home to safety.

A good fun trip with lots of uncrowded waves!

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