Monday, February 25, 2013

AUSTRALIA - VICTORIA - 21 to 25 february 2013

Time to catch up with Marty.

I met Marty and his mates in Bali a number of years ago. Since then we have caught up together a few times and even  had a surf trip to Sumbawa.

I caught a train to the airport then Jetstar to Melbourne. The flight was fun - delay 1 flight leaving later, then delay 2 auxilary batttery broke so no air con, then delay 3 gangway broke down, then delay 4 jet in front broke down, then delay 5 electrical storm so no work. But yes, I did make it to Marty's, who was waiting at the airport for me (long wait).

The first night was relaxing with 1/2 slab of beer.

In the car and off to the west coast. The waves were small and bumpy but it was still fun. We surfed at Bells then drove to Nick's place at Anglesea. The night was more beers, Jack Daniels, etc, etc.

We woke up bright and cheery and went for a wave at some beach. A nice left breaking very fast over a very shallow sand bank. Getting the right wave was a bit hard.

Back to the ranch, and Wassa and Barn had turned up so back to drinking, etc. Later a friend of Marty's Di turned up. It was a fun night!!!

The morning was beautiful. A few of us went to the beach for a morning swim.

Back to Nick's and then off to Marty's. We dropped around to visit Zac and buy a wetsuit. A quiet night and then the journey back home.

Marty dropped me at the airport. And yes, there were delays again. Delay 1, the baggage conveyor had broken down so the line up was very very long, delay 2 the plane was late arriving therefore late leaving, delay 3 we moved gates and finally, delay 4 the gangway to the plane broke down (must have borowed the one from Sydney).

It was a great few days. I had lots of fun and enjoyed the great company.

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