Friday, July 13, 2018


A relatively very cold winter in Australia. We had been waiting a long time for our next overseas trip and it always seems so far away but then the next thing you know you are there.

A shuttle bus to the International airport, check in, customs, boarding, flying, Indonesian customs, baggage, a car pick up by Nyoman (200 000R) and check in into the hotel. We are here!

We stayed two nights in Legian, Bali at the Grand Kumala Hotel (375 000R).

We arrived late but in the morning, we cashed money ($1 = 10 510 R), picked up some supplies at the Bintang Supermarket and I had a haircut and a massage.

We spent the day around the pool relaxing and in the afternoon we walked to the beach for the sunset, a few beers and a caught up with long time friend Wal and Desty. A great afternoon and dinner.

The next morning, we set off for Balian. Our driver was Nyoman, who we have employed a number of times. (400 000R)


The old staff at the Grand Kumala had all quit. The receptionist wouldn't tell me why but they all quit on mass.

Indonesia uses meter readings to pay for electricity and water. In addition, they can also pay for electricity as a credit system.

Monday, July 2, 2018

JUNE FUN - 29 JUNE 2018

The weather has been off and on rain, wind, sun and cold for the last month.

Doing fun things was a bit hard to coordinate with the above weather.

Anyway, I had fun on some days.:)

2 JUNE 2018

A strong and cold wind. Off for a windsurf at Canton Beach.

The wind wasn't so strong when I started though I did get a few short runs. After a while, the wind began to pick up. Time for long runs with the wind gusting heavily at times. The water was very cold water so I tried not to get wet. 

I  need to have the boom a little higher and the mast base firmly attached. A tightening of the harness straps is definitely needed.

Bill was there when I arrived but he was leaving. Wally turned up just as I was about to go into the water. Later, Craig and Steve arrived just as I was leaving. Paul made an appearance but choose elsewhere.

3 JUNE 2018

A surf at North Avoca Beach. 

It was pretty wild at the start with only a couple of okay waves. The tide peaked at high and the waves improved immensely but also the size quickly dropped. After an hour, it virtually stopped breaking on the sand bank I was on.

 4 JUNE 2018

A mountain bike ride at Kincumba Mountain. The tracks were damp so the soft sand on parts of the track were firmer. A good ride. 

Later, Jacinta, Kara, Mr A and I had a wander around Terrigal Beach.

7 JUNE 2018

A morning kayak at Avoca Lagoon. 

There was a lot of water in the lagoon. At the far west of the lagoon, the tress were immersed by the water. It was nice looking at the reflections, the play of the sun's light on the water and the silhouette of the trees in front of the sun.

Kara had an appointment in Sydney. While she was at the appointment, I had a bike ride along the Cooks River cycle path towards Homebush Bay. Not a bad ride.

12 JUNE 2018

Surf check with nice sunrise.

Down to Sydney for Kara's medical treatment. While she was there, I drove to La Perouse to Bare Island and the Komay Botany Bay NP. 

I hiked around part of the island's shoreline base, along the two beaches of Congwong and Little Congwong, Browns Rock and Henry Head. The latter had old gun emplacements and concrete bunkers and the coast view was very pretty.

In future fun,  I could do an ocean kayak starting from Frenchman's Beach and a hike to Banks Cape.

13 JUNE 2018

Down to Sydney again.
Drove to Olympic Park and had a cycle around the paths from the Bicentenary carpark. Nice ride. Such a pretty place in the heart of the city.

14 JUNE 2018

Down to Sydney.

While Kara was at her appointment, I had another cycle ride at the Olympic Park. This time, I started from Wilsons Park. A nice ride along the riverfront then along the paths and tracks of Haslams Creek.

An easy but fun ride.

15 JUNE 2018

At home today. A bit brisk, a flat surf and an increasing wind.

Kara, Mr A and I drove to Somersby Falls and sat in the sun on a large rock at the top of the falls. Nice.

After.  we drove to Oomphs in East Gosford. Good coffee and food.

20 JUNE 2018

A great kayak around Avoca Lagoon. The lagoon was the highest than I've ever seen. It was fun paddling around the tress immersed by the water.

22 June 2018

Lunch on the waterfront at Brisbane Water, East Gosford with Kara.

23 June 2018

A kayak at Mooney Mooney and Piles Creek.

The morning was sunny but cold. I misjudged the tides and so I could only paddle a short distance up Piles Creek. I had plenty of time so I drifted with the outgoing tide to Piles Creek. It was nice drifting and listening to the sounds of the bush.

Later, I had lunch at Terrigal Haven with Jacinta on the promenade.

25 JUNE 2018

A mountain bike ride at Bouddi National Park. I followed the tracks from Maitland Bay carpark in a loop manner. The tracks were only damp from the rains which tended to bind the sandy sections better. A fun ride with pretty scenery.

29 JUNE 2018

A hike around Terrigal Haven and the beach.

Later, I had a mountain bike ride at Brisbane Water National Park around The Quarry and Bulls Hill tracks.

A fun ride around the quarry. I tried riding over the harder sections and did better than I thought I'd do. :) The  Hill tracks were covered in lots of loose rock making for some fun riding.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


24 MAY 2018

After another cold night, I moved on towards the Capertree Valley.

I followed the bird trail when I entered the Capertree Valley, stopping at a number of recommended places. The stops were nice but I didn't see any birds.

I drove to Glen Davis for a look around the town. It used to be huge during the Shale Oil days but it was now a mixed of a few houses. It had a free camping area with hot showers. I met one of the local caretakers who told me a lot about the place. Interesting place and character.

I drove on a short distance to the Coorongooba campground along the banks of the Capertree River in Wollemi National Park. For some reason, it seemed warmer here. I set up camp and had a mountain bike ride.

I followed a track that lead to a dead end on the river. I backtracked and found further up the hill the Capertree River Trail. It was a rough wide trail with lots of steep uphill and downhill. I didn't get to the end as I as a little weary from yesterday's ride.

I had an enjoyable afternoon sitting in the sun, walking around the campsite, watching the birds and kangaroos.

25 MAY 2018

I woke and continued my journey through the Capertree Valley.

I followed the bird trail again and once again the stops were pleasant but no birds. Haha.

Out of the Capertree Valley and a stop at Rylstone for a cappuccino and 2nd breakfast.

I was on my way home via Bylong Valley. I passed a sign that said Fern Tree Gully. I turned off, followed the narrow dirt road for 2 kilometres and arrived at a picnic area. There were two hikes on a signpost map. I took the longer one and had a great hike.

The track lead into a narrow and rocky canyon with tree roots lining the sides and an assort of ferns on the ground level. It was very quiet and so pretty. At the end of the canyon, steps lead to the top and two lookouts over the canyon.

A bit to eat and then it was time for the long road home.


A relatively very cold winter in Australia. We had been waiting a long time for our next overseas trip and it always seems so far away but t...