Wednesday, June 21, 2017


An early good, fun and glassy surf.

We had breakfast then I was out for another glassy surf with Mark S.

photo - Deki and his granddaughter

Later, Jacinta and I had a pot of coffee and banana/apple pie at Tom's Garden. An eclectic restaurant with a pretty garden.

A rest and then I had a motorbike ride south to Peyan. I turned off the main road when I past over a small bridge. The scenery look inviting but what a surprise... there was a Hindu ceremony on the beach. I watched blessings and gifts given to the ocean. I had a chat with one of the ladies, Made, who had three grown children and was working in a Kuta hotel. Nice lady.

photo - the holy man

photo - Made and her granddaughter

Back to the ranch and down to dinner at Pitaya. Brandt was there and so he joined us for our evening repast. Brandt was a friend of Rodney and it turned out that we Brandt and I knew each other about forty years ago at teachers collage and we know heaps of the same people.


An early fun smooth surf. I was much happier with my surfing and got a few compliments on the walk back to the hotel.

I had breakfast with the girls at our hotel.

The sun came out and I hid in the shade and the girls sat in the sun around the pool.

I had a massage at Ayu's for 100 000R it was hard and a bit painful due to a lactic acid build up. Next time, I'll ask for baby soft massage. No, change that, wont be a next time.

We had tasty Indonesian lunch at Ayu's then an afternoon of chilling.

Jacinta and I had a great and merry afternoon drinking into our bottle of Jack Daniel and eating crackers, cheese and apple.

Later, we met a couple from Umina (near where I live). His wife was from a small island south of Ambon in Indonesia. She had great stories on black magic and her island's customs.


I woke up to a heavy downpour of rain. It only lasted a short time though.

Jacinta and I went for a hike to Mejan Beach. Along the way we walked over a foot bridge and down to a pretty bay called ' secret bay'. The bay is really a cove with a small beach at the end. The waves funnel into the cove and wash along the cliffs on either side. The wave erosion undermines and smoothes the lower cliff wall.

We walked back up and followed a path to the end of the point. There was an expansive and beautiful view of the waves at Balian and the northern coastline. We continued along a narrow track through jungle, past a small field shrine, over a small cascade of water, through a field with cows and onto Mejan Road. Along the road, we passed a small temple then it was a steep descent to the beach access. The beach was long, wide and stretched off into the distance.

We returned via the road to the village. In the village we brought a large water 60 000r - 20 litres - and they delivered to our hotel room later. We continued along the entrance road to Balian and our hotel.

I checked the surf and ran into Mark, who was with a friend who turned out to be a guy I was good friends with in high school - Rodney. We hadn't seen each other for about forty years. We chatted and then had a fun, smooth surf together. It was so good to meet up again we Rodney and share some good waves.

After lunch, I  spent the afternoon relaxing in the room. It rained on and off throughout the afternoon.

We had a few beers and tasty dinner in the hotel restaurant. The girls had cocktails.


A morning surf in big and wild but smoother conditions. I had a few good waves and came out tired and ready for breakfast. The girls had already eaten.

I  had another surf. it was still wild but and I managed a couple of okay waves. The hamstring was hurting throughout most of the surf but I was feeling a lot more surf fit.

We walked down the hill and had sushi for lunch and then we spent the afternoon, chilling out, catching up on FB and sitting around the pool. Kara walked to and from the restaurant. A great achievement considering the steepness of the hill.

We went down the road for dinner. I drove Kara on the motorbike. We ate in an open air pretty restaurant with lights dangling from the palm trees. The food was good.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


A morning walk along the beach at low tide. It was very pretty at the northern end of the beach where vines had grown from the cliff top giving a curtain effect. I met Jeff the postie from WA.

I had breakfast with the girls and after that a surf. It was very big and wild but I had fun. The waves were coming from a number of directions but I managed to get a couple of okay ones.

Jaimie, who was pregnant woke up very sick so they left for the hospital in Kuta.

We spent the day eating, sitting by the pool and chatting with old and new friends.

We had dinner at Pondok Pirces. It was okay but I wasn't too impressed.


On arrival, we settled into the Gubug Bungalows @ 500 000R per room for 11 nights. This is a  very pretty hotel with okay rooms with a small patio overlooking  gardens and an infinity pool with a view over the ocean and surf in the back ground. It has a pleasant restaurant and bar.

I dropped over to see Ayu ( my Balinese friend) and her family. It was nice to see them and we had a lot of laughs.

Back at the hotel and down at the pool were Steve and Jaimie, whom I met at Balian a few years ago. Then a short while later, along comes Tank from Tasmania. I knew he would be there. Then a few minutes later, Mark and Mandy came over. I met those two in the early eighties in Sri Lanka. Of course, we had a few beers and I joined them at Deki's restaurant for more beers and a chat. Phil was there and later Roice turned up. I don't remember when I met Roice but it was a long time ago in Balian.

I didn't join them for dinner as this was our first family night in Balian.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


13 June 2017

All our bags are packed we are ready to go,

The shuttle bus will pick us up outside our door...

Shuttle bus pick up no problems. A long queue at the Jetstar check in. Customs quick and no problems. on the plane. - two movies, snacks. Arrive at Bali. Customs quick but the baggage wait was long time in coming. Nyoman was there to pick us up, a late night meal then Grand Kumala Hotel. We had booked two rooms for 515 000R per night per room.

14 June 2017

A good sleep then i had a morning walk down to and along the beach. All was quiet along the streets and the beach was just starting to come alive. Everything was looking clean and fresh after a few days of rain and the morning light just illuminated the world.

Back to the hotel for breakfast with Jacinta and Kara. We met a nice couple, Peter and Marie from WA. Peter was well but recovering from a recent heart attack. After that, it was a rest and swim around the hotel pool.

Jacinta and I went to do our  arriving jobs - cash money at ATM,  get a local sim card for the phone, buy extra food and odds and ends at the supermarket and buy Kara and John's boat tickets to Gili Air.  The latter a good price for 500 000R (rupiah) each.

Back to the hotel to pick up Kara for lunch at a restaurant down the road.

Back again to the hotel to sit and swim around the pool. After a short time, Kara and I decided on a massage at Ayu Spa. We had an aromatherapy for 100 000R each. It was quiet and okay massage.

Back to the hotel and then it was down to the beach for the sunset, a few beers and people watching. It was very lively and the sunset was Monet like as the sun disappear behind the clouds on the horizon.

We walked over to Blue horizon for filling dinner, chatted with a Western Australian (WA) couple and headed back to the ranch for sleep.

A fun first day.

15 June 2017

Another good sleep. I stated the day with a walk along the streets to Padma then returned along the beach. another quiet and pretty morning. I stopped at the Singkenken Hotel to book a car/driver to take up to Balian on the north west coast of Bali and 12:00 @ 500 000R.

Back at the hotel, we went to breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Breakfast for all was included in the room price.

I went to get more cash from the ATM. We could do only two limited withdrawals per day and we needed enough cash for Balian (3 weeks) where the ATM was a quite a drive away.

I joined the girls at the pool for a short time before I decided on another massage. A better aromatherapy massage @100 000R.

After that it was packing time, down to the lobby and a a two hour drive to Balian.

Monday, June 12, 2017


 11 June

A wander around the beaches, coffee with Jacinta at the Haven and a mountain bike ride at Brisbane Water National Park.

The tracks and trails were a bit wet from the recent heavy rains and there was a mist in the valley depressions.

Not long after starting  I met a lady, Tracy, who was hiking. We stopped and chatted and she had some amazing stories of long hikes in Spain and France.

I rode as far as the base of Mount Wondabyne then hid the bike in the bush.

I rock scrambled along the steep rocky track to the summit of the mount. It was a fun hike as i tried to do it as fast as I could. Along the way I met three guys hiking to the summit for lunch.

At the top, I explored the top and settled on a nice outcrop of rock with a great view over the Gosford area.

Back down the mount and on the bike and along a highly eroded and rough track to join on to the Mullet Creek trail. It was a hard ride and there were a number of spots where i had to porter the bike down. great bush scenery along the way.

I then followed the Mullet Creek trail and the Tunnel trail back to the car.

A fun and enjoyable ride.

12 June

Finally, better weather with offshore wind and a fun surf at Wamberal Beach.

Tomorrow, we are off to Indonesia for two months. - surfing, hiking, exploring, meeting people, pretty scenery.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


There has been a lot of heavy rain the last few days. It makes some outdoor activities difficult or uninviting.

I took a chance and drove over to Phegans Bay in Brisbane Water for a kayak.

The weather was a little strong but The rain looked like it would hold off for awhile.

The grey clouds and the filtered sunlight gave a grey contrasting colour to the water. Very pretty!

I paddled close to shore hoping for it to block some of the wind. It was fun paddling around the shoreline rocks that were covered in very sharp oyster shells.

At Woy Woy Bay, there were a lot of long jetties and large houses on the western side. I paddled past the water urbanization and at the corner of the bay was a narrow creek.

I followed the creek a short distance through the mangroves until I reached the rocky cascades of the creek head.

I paddled further on till the end of the bay and started the return journey. On the way, it started to sprinkle, then rain, then poured and then the wind picked up and my waterproof poncho blew up like a balloon so I looked like the michellin man. The paddled became harder with the wind and my poncho acting like a sail.

Eventually and towards the end, the rain and wind ceased and the last part was relatively pleasant.


An early good, fun and glassy surf. We had b reakfast then I was out for another glassy surf with Mark S. photo - Deki and ...