Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Wamberal - SURF - 14 October 2010

A small clean fun day. Only four of us out... well for awhile anyway. the crowd appeared but the waves disappeared. such is life!

Had fun with the go pro camera attached to the board.

AUSTRALIA - QUEENSLAND - O'Reillys Rainforest Resort and Morans Falls - HIKE - October 2010

O'Reilly's Rainforest Resort and Moran Falls are in the Lamington National Park, Queensland.

O'Reilly's has an excellent walk through the rainforest and gardens. The walk through the rainforest is on platforms which rise into the tree canopy. At one point there is a tree ladder which takes you to the top of a huge tree and a great view of the surrounding forest and valley and the scenery below.

The walk branches off into a created garden with a variety of signposted plants.

Morans Falls is a two hour walk starting about a kilometre from O'Reillys. The track is easy through rainforest which becomes denser near the falls. The view of the falls is excellent and continuing onwards the track leads over the creek that feeds the falls and onwards further leads to valley views on the other side of the falls. It is also easy to follow the flat rocks lining the creek.

While photographing the canopy above me, i didn't notice the snake coiled on the path. luckily, i did before i stepped on it. I jumped back like a ninja to avoid it. Still, it was interesting and i observed the snake for quite a while before it slid off.

AUSTRALIA - QUEENSLAND - Tallebudgera Creek - Kayak - october 2010

The bridge across the creek is a good place to start a kayak due to easy parking and a creek beach.

I was surprised with this kayak not quite knowing what to expect. The beach start is fun with a strong current, followed by paddling under a heavily used bridge. Either side of the creek has white sand beaches with barnacled rocks in the murky shallow waters.

Once past the urban area, the sounds of traffic are lost to the sounds of the bird life. The creek becomes mangrove along its banks.

I stopped for awhile at a small sand island in the centre of the river.

AUSTRALIA - QUEENSLAND - Burleigh Heads National Park - october 2010

The headkland at Burleigh Heads is a national park.

The walk is easy and diverses into a number of directions.

The coastline is pretty and there are greaat views along the shoreline of the north and south of the gold coast. These views contrast strongly when looking at the skyline of buildings representing Surfers Paradise while within a few metres of this view point is a male brush turkey attending to his nest.

AUSTRALIA - QUEENSLAND - Burleigh Heads - Surf - October 2010

There were waves all week but they varied in quality. The week started off with small and bumpy waves to large smooth barrels by the end of the stay. The crowds were huge all week no matter the conditions or time of day.

On the last day, when the surf was at its best so were the surfers in the water. Droppins seemed to be taken as a part of what happens. I didn't bother to surf it but i enjoyed watching.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

AUSTRALIA - QUEENSLAND - Minyon Falls Flora Reserve - Minyon Falls - HIKE - october 2010

We followed a short walk to the top of the falls. There was an amazing view over the top and across to the valley in the distance.

While there we waved to people at the bottom.

We then drove to a different car park and walked to the base of the falls. The vegetation changed from dry to rainforest to a tumble of rocks at the base of the falls.

At the base, there was a small pool and majestic views of the falls which were in a semi circle shape. We had lunch and laid back enjoying the sun and clouds scurrying across the lip of the falls. So peaceful.

Then there were two drops of rain and two minutes later it was like a bucket of water over the head with thunder for the sound effects. We scurried for the relative driest of the rainforest.

We plodded our way back and upon return the girls freaked over a few leeches attached to them under their socks.

AUSTRALIA - Byron Bay Lighthouse - HIKE - October 2010

We wandered around the lighthouse at Byron Bay. Nice views north and south.

Don't park too close to lighthouse as they want to charge $7 for 40 minutes. Well over the top!

Monday, October 18, 2010

AUSTRALIA - Lennox Head - september 2010

We stayed for a week at Lennox Head at the camping area next to Lake Ainsworth.

It is an excellent camp site with Lake Ainsworth, a tea stained fresh water lake on one side and Lennox Head beach on another. The day consists of swimming on the beach, swimming in the lake and back to the camp site. This is all within a few minutes walking distance.

There were a lot of things to do in the area. The flat area makes it great for bike riding and the the beach sand is firm enough at low tide to also cycle along.

There are good waves along the beach and at the point. there are also other surfing breaks within a short drive.

When the wind is up there are windsurfers and kite boarders on the beach.

The walk to and around the headland is great with excellent views from the headland over the point and town.





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