Tuesday, October 19, 2010

AUSTRALIA - QUEENSLAND - Minyon Falls Flora Reserve - Minyon Falls - HIKE - october 2010

We followed a short walk to the top of the falls. There was an amazing view over the top and across to the valley in the distance.

While there we waved to people at the bottom.

We then drove to a different car park and walked to the base of the falls. The vegetation changed from dry to rainforest to a tumble of rocks at the base of the falls.

At the base, there was a small pool and majestic views of the falls which were in a semi circle shape. We had lunch and laid back enjoying the sun and clouds scurrying across the lip of the falls. So peaceful.

Then there were two drops of rain and two minutes later it was like a bucket of water over the head with thunder for the sound effects. We scurried for the relative driest of the rainforest.

We plodded our way back and upon return the girls freaked over a few leeches attached to them under their socks.

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