Wednesday, October 20, 2010

AUSTRALIA - QUEENSLAND - O'Reillys Rainforest Resort and Morans Falls - HIKE - October 2010

O'Reilly's Rainforest Resort and Moran Falls are in the Lamington National Park, Queensland.

O'Reilly's has an excellent walk through the rainforest and gardens. The walk through the rainforest is on platforms which rise into the tree canopy. At one point there is a tree ladder which takes you to the top of a huge tree and a great view of the surrounding forest and valley and the scenery below.

The walk branches off into a created garden with a variety of signposted plants.

Morans Falls is a two hour walk starting about a kilometre from O'Reillys. The track is easy through rainforest which becomes denser near the falls. The view of the falls is excellent and continuing onwards the track leads over the creek that feeds the falls and onwards further leads to valley views on the other side of the falls. It is also easy to follow the flat rocks lining the creek.

While photographing the canopy above me, i didn't notice the snake coiled on the path. luckily, i did before i stepped on it. I jumped back like a ninja to avoid it. Still, it was interesting and i observed the snake for quite a while before it slid off.

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  1. Peter, just to let you guess is that snake is a hemiaspis signata (marsh snake) :)



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