Friday, July 30, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Wamberal - surf - 30 July 2010

1m clean and fun waves at wamberal. The small crowd varied from body boards to paddleboards to mals to knee boards to short boards.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water - Riley Island - kayak - 13 July 2010

The weather was cloudy but no wind. I drove to St Hubert’s Island and launched from the north east of the island.

It was a perfect morning with a mirror image of the island reflecting off the water of the channel. The wind held off throughout the whole kayak affording a perfect reflection for the whole trip.

The island had a few sandy stretches to land and walk around but mainly it was mangroves with oyster shells clinging to every rock. At one point, there were a number of old rusting tanks possibly from some sort of past farming occupation. The area around the tanks looked like it had been cleared in comparison to the rest of the island.

The bird life was a bit scarce on this journey – some cormorants, herons and ducks.

Though the water was glassy the surface was very swirly in some sections where the incoming tide crossed currents.

It was about a two hour quiet and scenic trip.

AUSTRALIA - Sydney - Skyview Wheel - 11 June 2010

This was a fun ride at Darling Harbour Sydney.  It was free as I won a family pass in a competition.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - The Entrance - MTB - 25 June 2010

It was a quiet, cloudy, sunny day for trying out my new bike.

I cycled from the Entrance surf club to Picnic Point. There was such a variety of landscapes in a short distance.

It starts with houses and thin beach littered with seaweed. After a while the estuary of the Tuggerah Lake was pouring vast amounts of water into the ocean. The cycle/walkway is right beside the waterway. It always looks like more people should be falling into the water as there are no guard rails... strange in these times. The boardwalk turns into shops and eateries until the bridge. Fishermen and boats dominate now until close to Picnic Point which is mainly mowed parkland.

There was lots of birdlife such as pelicans, ducks, cormorants, magpie larks and seagulls.

As for the bike, the handle bars needed tightening.

CENTRAL COAST - Wyrrabalong NP - Crackneck Lookout to Shelley Beach - HIKE - 20 June 2010

Today is a great day for a walk being a warm sunny winter’s day.

Drove to Crackneck Point Lookout, took in the expansive views of the north coastline and setoff along the coastal track.
The track was easy with some wattles blooming. Along the descent and at the bottom of the hill there a number of breaks in the vegetation affording views over Bateau Bay.

There are a few access tracks, stairs to the beach below. I took one in the centre of the beach.

Back to the top, I followed the track around to Blue Lagoon and then Shelley Beach. At the centre of the beach is a surf club and kiosk.

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water - Pelican Island - kayak - 18 June 2010

I launched the kayak at the boat ramp at the Woy Woy channel.

I paddled across the channel and followed the edge of Pelican Island along the channel. About half way along the channel there was a smaller channel that I followed between two islands for a short distance. After a short while it became too shallow to navigate. Near this area, I came across a white faced heron and pelican hunting in the shallows.

Backtracking to the main channel, I continued to follow the edge of the island. The shore was mangroves and dense vegetation. Eventually, I reach3ed the oyster leases and could no longer follow the edge of the island. I paddled around the oyster farms until the water became deep enough to cut through them.

Once through the farms, I paddled to the far edge of Pelican Island and landed on a sandy beach. I wandered around and found hundreds of soldier crabs that scuttled away on my approach.

I continued around the island and crossed the Woy Woy channel and landed on the small sandy beach beside the boat ramp.

The journey was about 2 hours.


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