Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - The Entrance - MTB - 25 June 2010

It was a quiet, cloudy, sunny day for trying out my new bike.

I cycled from the Entrance surf club to Picnic Point. There was such a variety of landscapes in a short distance.

It starts with houses and thin beach littered with seaweed. After a while the estuary of the Tuggerah Lake was pouring vast amounts of water into the ocean. The cycle/walkway is right beside the waterway. It always looks like more people should be falling into the water as there are no guard rails... strange in these times. The boardwalk turns into shops and eateries until the bridge. Fishermen and boats dominate now until close to Picnic Point which is mainly mowed parkland.

There was lots of birdlife such as pelicans, ducks, cormorants, magpie larks and seagulls.

As for the bike, the handle bars needed tightening.

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