Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water - Pelican Island - kayak - 18 June 2010

I launched the kayak at the boat ramp at the Woy Woy channel.

I paddled across the channel and followed the edge of Pelican Island along the channel. About half way along the channel there was a smaller channel that I followed between two islands for a short distance. After a short while it became too shallow to navigate. Near this area, I came across a white faced heron and pelican hunting in the shallows.

Backtracking to the main channel, I continued to follow the edge of the island. The shore was mangroves and dense vegetation. Eventually, I reach3ed the oyster leases and could no longer follow the edge of the island. I paddled around the oyster farms until the water became deep enough to cut through them.

Once through the farms, I paddled to the far edge of Pelican Island and landed on a sandy beach. I wandered around and found hundreds of soldier crabs that scuttled away on my approach.

I continued around the island and crossed the Woy Woy channel and landed on the small sandy beach beside the boat ramp.

The journey was about 2 hours.

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