Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water - Riley Island - kayak - 13 July 2010

The weather was cloudy but no wind. I drove to St Hubert’s Island and launched from the north east of the island.

It was a perfect morning with a mirror image of the island reflecting off the water of the channel. The wind held off throughout the whole kayak affording a perfect reflection for the whole trip.

The island had a few sandy stretches to land and walk around but mainly it was mangroves with oyster shells clinging to every rock. At one point, there were a number of old rusting tanks possibly from some sort of past farming occupation. The area around the tanks looked like it had been cleared in comparison to the rest of the island.

The bird life was a bit scarce on this journey – some cormorants, herons and ducks.

Though the water was glassy the surface was very swirly in some sections where the incoming tide crossed currents.

It was about a two hour quiet and scenic trip.

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