Monday, November 29, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - North Entrance - windsurf - 27 November 2010

The north east wind was looking strong but once out past the second bouy, it was ferocious. Great flat water and wind-chop waves further out.

There were a few big wipeouts and a lot of sailing very close to the cameraman.

Sailors were Lance, Mark, Todd and Peter.

The video has a number of spilt scenes and slow motion footage of to-close-to the cameraman shots.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Copacabana - snorkel - 27 November 2010

The northern end of Copacabana was protected and off shore in the north east wing. The snorkelling looked inviting.

Generally, the water was clear with a small swell. It was fun looking at the bottom where i've surfed a few times. Shallow in parts, rocks jutting upwards and an irregular bottom.

Water was very cold.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Bateau Bay - snorkel - 26 November 2010

The NE wind was increasing so i tried a snorkel at Bateau Bay. It was protected from the wind but the water was a little churned up. Plus not using a snorkel made snorkelling difficult. Funny that!

Monday, November 15, 2010

AUSTRALIA - Dunn Swamp - HIKE/KAYAK - November 2010


I spent three days camping on own at Dunn Swamp near Rylstone, NSW.

The swamp is really a small dam. The water backs up between a narrow gorge of sandstone rocks that look pagoda-like.

There are two good kayak trips - up or down river. The up river trip becomes very narrow and in parts is difficult to make headway due to the reeds and overhanging brush. The kayak down river leads past tall reed areas and tall sandstone cliffs. The early morning sun reflects the golden hue of freshly broken slabs of sandstone plus the morning mist and stillness leads to mirror like reflections. The trip ends in the buoys protecting watercraft from venturing to close to the dam edge. It is a long way to the bottom of the dam wall.

There are two main walks with some side tracks. Both follow the river to a degree. The upriver walk passes through swampy areas and very dry bush. It eventually leads to a gauging station for the river. Side tracks lead to a picnic area and various rock formations. the second walk leads down river and passes through amazing rock formations and steep climbs to the top of the cliffs that line the river in parts. The track leads to the dam (weir) and thee long cave, which is really a long overhang of rock that can be walked under. At an earlier stage of the track, their is a side track to pagoda hill which is a fun steep rock scramble. the views at the top are excellent.

The camping was very quiet and the night silent. One needs to bring water and there are toilets only provided.

While here i saw heaps of wildlife - various birds, insects, goannas, kangaroos, possums, spiders and turtles.

The most noticeable aspect of the place is the sense of quietness and peacefulness.

CENTRAL COAST - Wamberal - surf - 20 October 2010

This was a fun surf. A crew of older dudes in the water - jeckle, pest, me, glenn, daniel, geoff, ironman - all having a good laugh.

The video was fun to make and produce into a movie. Played with splitting the screen and slow motion fall offs plus out of the water action.


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