Sunday, May 30, 2010

indonesia - Bali - Balian - Surf- April 2010

There are a number of surfing breaks at Balian:

  • There is a right in north corner of beach at times
  • A left straight in front – mid to high
  • A right to the north of the river mouth – sit out on the far peak for a long, long wave – don’t try to paddle on to it from the side
  • Another right across river.
  • A left at south end of beach at times
  • In the distance there is a left and a right. The right is supposed to be better.

4 April 2010 – sunny and cloudy

I arrived at Balian to solid overhead lefts and rights with only a handful of guys out. I couldn’t believe my luck. I strapped my knee better (torn ligament) which relieved a lot of the pain though I surfed a bit stiffly.

5 April 2010 - sunny and cloudy.

I had early surf at just below head height, which were heaps of fun but long waits between the sets.

I walked to and around the village and after lunch had a 1metre + surf with long waits between sets. It was good and long when it broke.

6 April 2010 – sunny and cloudy

I had an early surf with nice waves at about 1 metre plus. Not many guys out.

The afternoon surf was good at about 1 metre and the set wait was long. A fair few guys out considering the number of waves that were breaking

Friday, May 28, 2010

Indonesia - Bali - Balian - 4 to 7 April 2010

I turned off the main North West road at Balian. At the turnoff, there is a small village with a number of shops, small supermarket and market area.

The turnoff road is narrow and leads pass a number of guest houses/hotels until it reaches the sand at Balian Beach. Along the road there are a number of places to stay from fan rooms to air conditioned rooms. Some places have a small pool.

There are a number of places to eat from restaurants to the warungs at the night market at the main road turnoff.

I stayed at Ayu’s which is at the top of the hill overlooking the beach. The food is good and cheap here. The rooms are fan and the price varies according to the state of the room. Breakfast is included in the room price.

Ayus telephone 08123993353

On the hill leading down to the beach there are a number of spots to sit and view the coast and the surfing. It is nice to sit in these spots at sunset while having a beer.

The beach is black sand with a river emptying out in the middle of the beach. There is also another river emptying into the sea at the southern end of the beach. The beach is nice for walking and sitting. Swimming is not the best due to strong currents and murky water.

Balian is a great place to stay. there are good waves and good coastal walks and scenery. The local people are very friendly. I stayed for a few days before travelling on to Sumbawa, Indonesia. It is a great place for meeting people from all over the globe.

During my time there, I met Tony and Ross. Ross and I met a number of times later in this trip throughout Indonesia.

(prices are 2009)

Balian beach house
house two storey double and single up and single down air con upstairs $35us

pondok pisces bungalow 250 000 single
250 000 to 300 000 double

villa tranquil - $50 aud room – 400 000

balian breezes 380 000 double
08 1734 4520
350 000 450 000 pool hot water air con breakfast with interconnecting rooms
(too far back)

gajah mina beach resort - $95 double - pool
62 81 2381-1630

balian surf bungalows/homestay
ayu’s warung and homestay

balian segara homestay

made’s homestay

Kubu Balian Beach bungalow

Things to do

Walks along beach, cliff top and crossing rivers
Sea cave
Serpent rock
Klating Beach – black sand
Taman Kupu Kupu (butterfly park)
Blayu _ monkey forest at pura alas kedaton
Sangeh monkey forest at Pura Bukit Sari
Yeh Panas – hot springs

North of Balian
Medewi – surf, walks, restaurants
Pura Rambut Siwi – small temple on cliffs – nearby caves – get a blessing
Follow coast road to Pura Perancak
Perancak - buffalo races 2x a month – planned crocodile/turtle park
Negara –in south of town there are stilt houses
Rening – beach
Candi kusuma – beach
Belimbingsari and Palasari – Christian villages towards mountains – churches - dam
Gilimanuk – gateway to Bali
possible to trek from Teluk Terima
Kendang Mebarung – ceremony
Bunut Bolong – tree over road
Jegog dance
Taman Nasional Bali Barat - Cekik headquarters of park – trekking walk or boat

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Indonesia - Bali - Berewa to Balian - 4 april 2010

I had 1 metre early surf at Berewa but it crowded out quickly. The second day strapping my knee and it was a bit sore in and out of the water.

I rang Ayu’s at Balian to book a room, as well as transport to Balian. The cost of the transport was 300 000 rupiah.

I said my bye-byes to the guys. I paid up money owing for the room and party and drove up to Balian.

The trip up was the usual heavy traffic of cars, trucks, etc. The road was okay to deeply cracked and potholed. The road passes through a number of large towns to small villages, as well as, rice fields. Just near Soka the countryside becomes very pretty with terraced rice fields with ocean or mountain backdrops.

The journey took about 1 ½ hours and the weather was cloudy.

On arrival, I settled into Ayu’s, strapped up my knee and had solid head high surf on the lefts. The strap worked better this time, though it still hurt.

Indonesia - Bali - Berewa - Surf - April 2010

Berewa is a beach break with some nearby reefs. There are a few banks on the beach that start to break well with various tide changes. The reefs are at least a metre bigger than the beach but they also need a bigger swell to break.

3 May 2010 - rain cloudy

We had a small 1/2 metre surf in the afternoon. Okay waves. My strapped knee bandage fell off after the first couple of waves.
4 May 2010 - cloudy sunny

We surfed early morning at about 1metre plus . It was fun at first but got crodwed quickly. I padled down and surfed at a number of sandbanks. Overall it was okay. The knee strap was too tight this time and so i could barely move my knee plus the bottom of my leg needed blood.
 The leg was a bit sore by the time I got out of the water.

Indonesia - Bali - Berewa - Legong Keraton Beach Hotel - 3 to 4 April 2010

Legong Keraton



There are only a few placs to stay in Berewa. Some hotels, villas and a couple of homestays. This hotel is on the beach, great pool, spacious and clean rooms and friendly staff.

I caught up with some friends I met in Bali about three years ago. We surfed, bodysurfed and had a birthday party for Nadine and Marty. Baba Guling was part of the feast. Great night.

Indonesia - Bali - Berewa - Bodysurfing - 3 April 2010

The surf was small and the tide high. Bodysurfing wasn't too bad but the sand was a bit gritty down the shorts.

Indonesia - Bali - Berewa Beach - 3 to 4 April 2010

Berewa Beach is about 5 kilometres along the beach from Legian, It is a long walk or catch a taxi.

The beach is relatively quiet. During the mornings and afternoons there are many locals walking, playing and enjoying the coolness from the heat of the day. On the weekends, there are more locals and western and Indonesian visitors.

It's a great place to sit quietly and watch the world go by.

Indonesia - Bali - Legian to Berewa - 3 April 2010

The traffic was wild but got from Legian to Berewa in 1/2 hour. The taxi was about 70 000 rupiah.

Indonesia - Bali - Legian - April/May 2010


The streets of Legian are filled with shops and the occasional temple. The traffic is chaotic with cars and motorbikes. The motorbikes go in both directions in one way streets. Walking can be a hazard due to the traffic and the footpaths, which are high off the road and broken in sections.

There are plenty of restaurants and shops.

Just outside the Kumala Hotel, there are shops selling, fairy clothes for kids, woodcrafts with cool drums, belly dancing clothes, laundry, massage, clothes, board covers and shorts, etc, etc

Indonesia - Bali - Legian - Kumala Hotel - April/May 2010

Hotel Kumala
Jl. werkudara

0361 732186, 733448


I stayed at the Kumala Hotel a number of times in April and May 2010 for one or two nights. I liked it as a nice quiet hotel to stay in Legian, Bali while organising the next leg of my Indonesian trip.

The hotel has fixed prices from 250 000 rupiah. This includes breakfast.

There are two pools, free internet in the lobby and a restaurant. The staff are quietly helpful and friendly. There are pool towels available at the restaurant at the rear of the hotel.

The rooms are clean, beds comfortable, showers are hot/cold and each room has a balcony with table and chairs.

Just outside the hotel, there are shops, restaurants, massages, etc.

Access to the beach is via Jalan 66 or after leaving the hotel and turning right there is a ‘gang’ (laneway).


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