Sunday, May 30, 2010

indonesia - Bali - Balian - Surf- April 2010

There are a number of surfing breaks at Balian:

  • There is a right in north corner of beach at times
  • A left straight in front – mid to high
  • A right to the north of the river mouth – sit out on the far peak for a long, long wave – don’t try to paddle on to it from the side
  • Another right across river.
  • A left at south end of beach at times
  • In the distance there is a left and a right. The right is supposed to be better.

4 April 2010 – sunny and cloudy

I arrived at Balian to solid overhead lefts and rights with only a handful of guys out. I couldn’t believe my luck. I strapped my knee better (torn ligament) which relieved a lot of the pain though I surfed a bit stiffly.

5 April 2010 - sunny and cloudy.

I had early surf at just below head height, which were heaps of fun but long waits between the sets.

I walked to and around the village and after lunch had a 1metre + surf with long waits between sets. It was good and long when it broke.

6 April 2010 – sunny and cloudy

I had an early surf with nice waves at about 1 metre plus. Not many guys out.

The afternoon surf was good at about 1 metre and the set wait was long. A fair few guys out considering the number of waves that were breaking

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