Saturday, January 26, 2013

AUSTRALIA - KIAMA - 12 january 2013

On the way home so we did a few stops along the way. The bushfires had closed a number of activities/sites and it seemed better to head back.

The little blowhole at Kiama was great. It wasn't crowded and it was putting on a good display.

Next stop, the big blowhole. It wasn't working too strongly but the lighthouse looked very imposing.

The bird sanctuary was okay but it was a bit difficult to find but eventually we did and we got to go into the hide and watch the birds sleep.

Cathedral Rocks was a great view with nearby surf looking potentially good but small.

We stopped in to see Beacon on the way home.

AUSTRALIA - GERROA - KAYAK - 11 January 2013

We camped at Gerroa on a tributary of the Crooked River. was very pleasant and relaxing.


I had a kayak along the tributary, which was narrow and quiet.

2.6 km
28 minutes
av speed 5.4 km/h
max speed 5.7 km/h

We went for a late afternoon walk along Seven Mile Beach. Nice!


The following morning, I kayaked along the Crooked River - watched the sunrise, birds in flight, and reflections in the water.

5.47 km
1 hr 47 m
av speed 3.9 km/h
max speed 6.2 km/h

Later, we drove to Gerroa Lookout for a view over Seven Mile Beach and and National Park.

AUSTRALIA - CANBERRA - 'Stromlo, Walk in Aviary, Cockington Green, Viking road race' - 18/19/20 January 2013


The best off road cycle I've had yet with Mark G. I wasn't sure of what I was doing at times and had three stacks - ankle very sore - but such fun. Playgrounds, skyline, switchbacks.

 9.13 km
13.3 km/h
28 km/h


A nice walk around with plenty of birds to see and feed.


This is a model village display. It is quite amazing for detail and the maintenance invilved to keep it looking good.

The next day was Mark's bike club having a race. The scenery was excellent!

Later that day, I caught up with Louise K. Peter K.'s sister for lunch. Nice to catch up!

It was great to catch up with Mark and his family - renewing old friendships!

Friday, January 25, 2013

AUSTRALIA - Boodeere NP, Currarong, Calala, Nowra - 10/11 January 2013

Drove to Boodeere National Park. $11 entry fee. We swam and walked at Murray's beach. Checked the camping at Green Patch, which was okay but not very level. Then on to Caves Beach, which had some nice waves and a few caves. The other places in the park were closed.

As most national paks were closed we went back to Currarong and stayed the night. We had a late afternoon swim at the nearby beach.


The following morning, I had an early bike ride along the Coomie Track at Abrahams Bosom. It was a great ride with a variety of terraine, portage, cliffs and views. one of the best rides I've done!

58 mins
av speed 11.2 km/h
max speed 33.9 km/h
elevation range 55m

We tried to get to Point Perpendicular but it was closed.

Calala Beach and Bay were nice. At the beach we had a swim and rest and at the bay we had lunch.

Next stop was Hanging Rock in Nowra. Nice views but too hot for a walk.

AUSTRALIA - SUSSEX INLET - 8/9/10 january 2013

After the snorkel, we drove to Sussex Inlet and caught up with Jacinta's workmate and friends. We had a great night eating and drinking. We stayed at Sussex Palms, which is a lovely small camp/caravan park.

The following day, was very hot and we drove to Barrara for a swim. The beaches were very nice and the water was icy cold. By midday, the wind started blowing even hotter and the bushfires started. It wasn't long before sussex Inlet was cut off from the north and south. We were relatively safe as the fires were some distance away. We spent the afternoon in the camp pool.

On Wednesday, Jacinta and I went for a bike ride along the foreshore of Sussex Inlet. It was very pleasant.


35 minutes
av speed 7.9 km/h
max speed 15 km/h
11m elevation range


Later that afterrnoon, we went for a boat ride to the mouth of Sussex Inlet and walked along the sand banks. It was a lot of fun being in a boat and it was very scenic walking around the sand banks.


Early the next morning, I went for a kayak towards St George's Basin. The current was with me and there were  lot of fish jumping about.

5.11 km
1h 37m
av speed 3.2 km/h
max speed 7.8 km/h

AUSTRALIA - Crookhaven Heads and Currarong - 6/7 January 2013

After the kayak, we stopped at Kangaroo Valley town for lunch then onwards to Culburra. The surf was messy so we drove up the coast to Crookhaven Heads. We camped there for the night. I had a messy surf on the beach.

The next morning, the waves were lefts and rights in glassy conditions and all to myself for the first 11/2 hours.


After breakfast, I walked around Crookhaven Heads and up to the lighthouse. Nice coastline and good views. The lighthouse was a bit ordinary.

39 minutes
11.16 min/km
best pace 7 min/km
13 elevation range

We drove to Currarong and Abrahams Bosom. We had a nice walk out to the beaches with some nice rocky coastline. We sat around and I had a snorkel in the icy cold clear water.


AUSTRAIA - Bendeela/Tallowa Dam - 4/5/6 January 2013

We walked around Kiama then drove to Gerringong. The NE winds were very strong so we tried Gerroa for shelter. It more shelter so we had lunch by the Crooked River.

Next stop was Bendeela Reserve on the Kangaroo River. It was very very hot, windy and humid but still it was a nice free camping spot in a pretty location. I had a short kayak in the cool of the afterrnoon.

The camping area had wombats and some kangaroos and the river was very swimable.

The following morning, I had an early morning swim, then we drove further up the kangaroo river for a kayak. Unfortunately, there was no water to paddle until the Hampston Bridge.


It was a nice kayak with some portages, a goanna on shore eating a dead bird, lizards, and a Chinese family having a swim.

av speed 4.8 km/h
max speed 6.3 km/h

The following day, after a swim and breakfast we drove to Tallow Dam. It was hot and dry. I had a pretty but uneventful kayak.

1hr 16 min
av speed 4.9 km/h
max speed 6.8 km/h

AUSTRALIA - Budderoo National Park - 3/4 January 2013

Next, we drove to Budderoo National Park and camped at Blue Pool. I think that the water is rarely if ever blue. The camping area was isolated and pretty.

In the afternoon, I had a walk to Nellies Glen, Warris Chair and Missingham Lookout tracks.
1hr 34m
Av pace 11.81 min/km
88m elevation range
We met a nice young couple couple – Alex and Emma.


The next day, I was up for an early bike ride to Warris Chair, Nellies Glen and Carrington Falls. At the falls, I had a walk around the cliff edges.

15 min
av speed 11.2 km/h
max speed 18.7km/h

After breakfast, we drove to the Carrington Falls track and walked to the falls.

We went to the Illawarra Fly Walk but at $24 we thought it a bit expensive for a walk. We drove distance and had a good view of the coast from Jambaroo Lookout.


Next stop, Minnamurra Rainforest. It was a hot and humid walk to the falls. The last section was very  steep. We met Nela from the Czech Republic.Later, we gave her a lift to Kiama.

1hr 05min
155 m elevation range

AUSTRALIA - south coast nsw - 2/3 january 2013

We drove through Sydney and along the Grand Pacific Drive towards the south coast of NSW. The road hugs the coast and has excellent views. Well today , it was raining. Still, we stopped and looked at a few beaches and lookouts.
At Bass Point, we had a short and pretty walk then made our way to a friend’s (Beacon) place. We had a great afternoon and evening catching up.

The next day, we drove to The Farm and I had a short and crowded, poor surf. The water was warm and nice and the sand castle making was fun.



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