Friday, January 25, 2013

AUSTRAIA - Bendeela/Tallowa Dam - 4/5/6 January 2013

We walked around Kiama then drove to Gerringong. The NE winds were very strong so we tried Gerroa for shelter. It more shelter so we had lunch by the Crooked River.

Next stop was Bendeela Reserve on the Kangaroo River. It was very very hot, windy and humid but still it was a nice free camping spot in a pretty location. I had a short kayak in the cool of the afterrnoon.

The camping area had wombats and some kangaroos and the river was very swimable.

The following morning, I had an early morning swim, then we drove further up the kangaroo river for a kayak. Unfortunately, there was no water to paddle until the Hampston Bridge.


It was a nice kayak with some portages, a goanna on shore eating a dead bird, lizards, and a Chinese family having a swim.

av speed 4.8 km/h
max speed 6.3 km/h

The following day, after a swim and breakfast we drove to Tallow Dam. It was hot and dry. I had a pretty but uneventful kayak.

1hr 16 min
av speed 4.9 km/h
max speed 6.8 km/h

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