Friday, January 25, 2013

AUSTRALIA - SUSSEX INLET - 8/9/10 january 2013

After the snorkel, we drove to Sussex Inlet and caught up with Jacinta's workmate and friends. We had a great night eating and drinking. We stayed at Sussex Palms, which is a lovely small camp/caravan park.

The following day, was very hot and we drove to Barrara for a swim. The beaches were very nice and the water was icy cold. By midday, the wind started blowing even hotter and the bushfires started. It wasn't long before sussex Inlet was cut off from the north and south. We were relatively safe as the fires were some distance away. We spent the afternoon in the camp pool.

On Wednesday, Jacinta and I went for a bike ride along the foreshore of Sussex Inlet. It was very pleasant.


35 minutes
av speed 7.9 km/h
max speed 15 km/h
11m elevation range


Later that afterrnoon, we went for a boat ride to the mouth of Sussex Inlet and walked along the sand banks. It was a lot of fun being in a boat and it was very scenic walking around the sand banks.


Early the next morning, I went for a kayak towards St George's Basin. The current was with me and there were  lot of fish jumping about.

5.11 km
1h 37m
av speed 3.2 km/h
max speed 7.8 km/h

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