Tuesday, May 23, 2017


An inspiring sunrise over Wamberal Beach for the start of a new day. Puts me in a feel good mood.

I checked the surf at Wamberal and Avoca beaches but it was a no go.

Still feeling good, I drove up to Kincumba Mountain and rode a few of the tracks.

A fun ride, especially, since I've been losing a bit of weight and bit up a bit of riding advice. It surprised me that leaning forward with your chin over the handle bars when going downhill leads to better control and a smoother ride. Works!

A few of the steeper inclines were a little punishing. Maybe, I was going at them a little harder for a bit too long. Anyway, my legs were on fire a few times!

After the ride, I got a cappuccino and sat on the beach at Terrigal Haven. Always such a nice relaxing view.

Still feeling good, I had an ocean swim, saw a large stingray then it was back home for the daily chores.

Later in morning, Kara, Mr Archibald and I had an outing at Wamberal Lagoon. The sun was warm and the scenery relaxing. Of course, Mr Archibald wanted a photo shoot.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


A pretty sunrise at Avoca Beach - looked a bit Monet-like.

I drove over to Umina Beach. There was a bit of an infrequent wave but I didn't feel tempted enough.

I settled for a mountain bike ride at Bouddi National Park on the turkey and NW ridge tracks. It was a fun ride and I definitely felt that my riding technique had improved. I was getting over rocks and small drop-offs  a lot easier and smoother.

After the ride, I had an ocean swim at Terrigal haven and saw a large blue groper in the water. Nice surprise.

Today is Kara's birthday. She opened her presents when everyone was finally home. Then off to dinner at the 'Thaiger Temple'. Nice. :)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

BEACHES - 17 MAY 2017

I wasn't feeling too well this morning but okay enough to get out and about but nothing too energetic.

First stop, Avoca Beach. There were some waves south but generally it was a bit messy. the sunrise was glorious. The north end of the beach was suffused by thee salt mist and rising sun in yellow and gold light. The ocean was twinkling and radiating gold.

Next stop, Wamberal Beach. There was a great wave at the big house but there weren't many of them. Mainly, they were closing out but when someone got a good one, it was good.

Next stop, Shelley Beach. It was a random mess.

The final stop was Toowoon Bay. There was an occasional decent wave off the point but generally more suited for SUPS and kayaks. I sat in the café above the beach and enjoyed the view. After awhile, I wandered around the edge of the beach. Walking in the shallows and taking in the ocean world. I was feeling inspired by the water and had an ocean swim. I couldn't believe that I as summing in board shorts two weeks before winter. The water was warm and clear.

Getting out of the water and walking back to the car and ran into old windsurfing mate Lance. A great chat as I hadn't seen him for ages.

Back home and after the morning chores, the girls and I went to the Erina Fair Mall for lunch. Yummy Moroccan pizza.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


A mountain bike ride at Bouddi National Park in the morning.

I rode the tracks to Strom lookout.  It started as a service road then there was a track to the left. I followed this and came to a number of turn offs that weren't there before. New tracks!

I followed the track that veered in the direction the Strom Lookout. What a great track which run roughly parallel with the service road but lower down the slope. It was so much fun.

Eventually, it connected with the service road and I followed that to the Strom Lookout.  An amazing view over Brisbane Water on a sunny and clear morning.

I continued to follow the service road to the end and once again there was another new track. This was much harder and heaps of fun. At one point, there was a track to the left that lead downhill on steep berms. I followed it part of the way but decided to complete it when I had more time. I came back up and continued along the track till it joined on to the service road and back to the start.

What a great 2.25 adventurous and challenging ride.

In the afternoon, I joined Jacinta for a walk around the Terrigal Haven. I did one lap and sat on the Haven Beach and enjoyed the sunset and the afternoon stillness while Jacinta did another lap.

Monday, May 15, 2017



I had a surf at north Avoca Beach.

I had about five really nice right hand waves as soon as I paddled out then it went very ordinary for the next half hour. Towards the end, I had a few okay waves. Still, the beginning waves were great.

Back home for Mother's Day. The girls got Jacinta a nice present and then we went for lunch at the Little Teapot. The restaurant is quaint and the food delicious. My favourite was the passion fruit slice. Soooo yum. Jacinta had a happy day.


Kara and I went to the Gosford Regional Art Gallery.

The showcase was a bit different and parts of it I liked. Kara didn't hold too high an opinion of the works. Some of the works were very colourful and others were a bit disturbing. Still, we enjoyed the viewing and the discussion we had as we walked around.

We had coffee and scones in the art gallery restaurant.

Saturday, May 13, 2017


I have been a bit busy on the home front and have finally have had the time to write:


A cool morning.
I had a sort of fun surf at Wamberal Beach in the morning. I started off well but I just didn't seem to be in the right place through the middle session of my surf. Luckily, I had a view good waves towards the end of the session until the waves got to full with the high tide.

Afterwards, I sat on the beach in front of Terrigal Surf Club with a cappuccino and enjoyed the sun sparkling across the water.

A morning 4.54 km kayak on Avoca Lagoon.

The cloud cover gave an inky look to the water and the heavily filtered sun lent a contrasting panorama to the scene. All quit nice.

I paddled around the island then onto the south arm of the lagoon. i haven't paddled this very far as the area is heavily urbanized in parts. But surprising there as a very narrow and overgrown tributary at the far south end that run along the edge of some houses. That was fun to paddle along.

I stopped at the island on the way back and had a bit of a walk. I think I might try and walk the circumference of the island one day.


A fun and foggy surf at North Avoca Beach in the morning.
Surfing with a few friends in clear and the water is still warm. A nice morning.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


This morning, I had a hike around Terrigal Haven. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and there was a chilly wind.

I took heaps of photos as I wandered around.

I met Jacinta at the end of the walk for coffee. We sat in the sun and chatted.

Later, Kara and I drove to east Gosford and sat on the sandstone wall of the waterfront of Brisbane Water. The weather was nice and the sun was warm. In the distance there was a lot of smoke ... probably a bushfire.

An easy day just cruising.


An inspiring sunrise over Wamberal Beach for the start of a new day. Puts me in a feel good mood. I checked the surf at Wamberal and Av...