Monday, December 18, 2017


14 December 2017

The surf was messy so I settled for an ocean swim at the Haven. I sat in the morning sun and read my kindle.

Later, kara spotted a female Eastern Koel (cuckoo) in our backyard. It is apparently a common bird but this as our first sighting of one.

15 December 2017

A surf check with good conditions but the waves just weren't getting it together.

I drove to Bouddi National Park and had a mountain bike ride along the tracks to Daley Point and The Maitland Bay Road tracks. A good combination of tracks with narrow tracks, huge rocks, tree roots, drop offs, great views, masses of flannel flowers and some very challenging sections and very hot.

Unfortunately, I dropped my phone somewhere along the ride. I returned later, and luckily I found it.

16 December 2017

Started the day with a surf at North Avoca. The surf wasn't that good. I lasted about 1/2 hour then decided to head in.

I drove over to Bouddi National Park and had a ride along the turkey, NW ridge and Strom tracks. It was a fun and hot ride, especially, due to the salt from the surf still on me. The tracks were good being dry and compact.

After the ride, I drove to the Haven for a swim and cappuccino.

Late in the afternoon, I was still feeling energetic so I had a paddle on the kayak at Avoca Lagoon.
There were heaps of birds feeding and preening in the trees and shallows or in flight overhead. I paddled over to the bat colony and waited for the sun to set and the sky to darken. Towards last light, the bats finally became active and started to become airborne. Not long after the light was gone and the kayak became eerie and exciting. I slowly paddled around the edge of the lagoon and back to the car.

A sensational kayak.

17 December 2017

A do nothing day.

18 December 2017

I checked the surf at North Avoca. The surf as rough and messy so I decided to come back later.

In the meantime, i drove to Bouddi National Park and had a very hot and challenging mountain bike ride. This time, I combined the tracks on the Daley Point and Rocky Point trails. Such a good ride. I managed to add a few new achievements on this ride - going down two steep drop offs and getting over one a number of rocky steep sections.

The mosquitoes were in full force. I had sprayed myself with insect repellent but I had perspired a lot of it away. next time, I'll carry a spare tube of repellent.

I drove back to North Avoca and the waves looked a little better so I had a so-so surf. I had one decent wave and three okay ones and the rest were short and fairly powerless. Still, the water as warm and it felt good after the bike ride.

I ran into Paul when i got out and we had a chat while he readied himself to go in the water.
Next stop was the Haven for a cappuccino and a read in the sun.

Back home and I was enthused enough to do my weekly house chores.

Jacinta started her holidays this afternoon so let the Christmas festivities begin.

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