Monday, January 1, 2018


19 December 2017

A surf check at North Avoca but the waves were too small.

I drove around the point to Terrigal haven for a swim and coffee.

20 December 2017

A great kayak at Copacabana Lagoon. The water was the clearest I have ever seen it. The birds were out and about. Even a sea eagle may an appearance. 

Later I had an ocean swim at Terrigal Haven.

22 December 2017

Brother-in-law Mark came today for a Christmas stay.

I had an okay small surf at North Avoca. There were some okay fun rights.

Later, I visited an old mate Mark B. His place was amazing - huge, native fruit trees at the front and a sloped backyard big enough to make into a bike track leading up to a ridge. Robo was there as well visiting Mark. I haven'r seen Mark since the early eighties. It was great to find out that we still had a lot of things in common.

23 December 2017

A mtb ride at Bouddi National Park. I did the turkey nw strom trails and tracks. It was a fun ride. I tried to concentrate on being smoother and more in control.

There was unbelievable amounts of mosquitoes. It as hard to stop riding as they would pounce on me.

After the ride, I had a small fun surf at North Avoca.

In the afternoon, I had an ocean swim at Haven and then coffee with Jacinta and Mark (brother in law)

24 December 2017

A poor surf .

Bronwyn (Jacinta's sister) and Tony (B-in-L) arrived for a Christmas stay

25 December 2017

Merry Christmas - first breakfast then the presents were opened. Everyone was happy with their stash.

Sean (nephew) and family arrived  for a massive Xmas lunch. Santa (moi) gave out the Secret Santa  presents. We played croquet in yard with the kids then settled back to an afternoon of  Kara cocktails.

An excellent day!

26 December 2017

An early surf check to messy onshore winds

I needed to burn off the excess food so I continued onward for a mtb ride at Kincumba Mountain on the informal tracks. It was just what I needed.

Afterwards, an ocean swim at Haven

Late in the afternoon, I had a kayak with B-in-L Tony. We counted 15 species of bird on our paddle around of Avoca Lagoon as well as a colony of bats.

27 December 2017

I drove to Brisbane Water National Park for mtb ride on the Warrah tracks. A great ride with terrific views over bush and ocean. I sat with nice view on an overhanging ledge looking over the Hawkesbury River, patonga and Pittwater.

Next, a swim and cappuccino at Pearl Beach.

28 December 2017

Mark B-in-L went home.

After he left, Had a small but fun surf at North Avoca.

I got a call from mate Windsurfer Mark and met him at Monday Street on Tuggerah Lake for a windsurf. I had one run out and back. I got a good run half way out and 1/2 way back. There really wasn't quite enough wind so back home I went.

30 December 2017

Bronwyn and Tony went home.

Jacinta and I relaxed at the Haven.

Later, I had a small okay surf at North Avoca.

Jacinta, Mark B and I drove to Hardy's Bay RSL to watch and listen to Big Yellow Moon Band. An old friend of mine from college days is the lead singer.

31 December 2017

Down the Haven for ocean swim and coffee with Jacinta.

Mark B and I had a mtb ride at Bouddi. It was a fast run on the Turkey, NW ridge and Strom trails/tracks.

Hot and sweaty we had a swim at nearby Killcare Beach.

New Year's Eve was at Paul's and Ingrid's. It was pleasant and fun. Paul is a painting artist and had just finished his new studio. I was very impressed with one of his beach/ocean paintings when he toned down the light. The scene looked so much like dusk.

We met lots of new people and then we walked to a lookout over Terrigal to watch the 9pm fireworks. This was the first in 19 years due to extreme antisocial behaviour. Unfortunately, the fireworks barge which was moored about 50 metres off the beach caught fire a few minutes after the display started. It blew up and fireworks were flying all over the place. People ran from beach and two technicians on the barge jumped in water. The technicians were very lucky and escaped with  minor burns.

Back to Paul's place and more drinks and then the final countdown.

Happy 2018.

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