Monday, January 22, 2018


14 January 2018

Howling winds today.

Drove to Canton Beach on Tuggerah Lake. Had two great sessions out in the wind. I used the 4.3 sail to start and it was perfect. After an hour, the wind backed off so I went in and changed to a 5.3 sail. That was also excellent with better direction control. After an hour,  the wind increased again to ballistic levels. I did one more run then came in.

I did some windsurfing bonding with Lance, Mark, Craig and Bill. We had coffee and chips at the Canton Cafe while Bill, the late starter today, kept on sailing.

A totally awesome day - great wind and friend bonding. Very feel-good tired.

15 January 2018

Down to Sydney to visit our cute grand niece Harper and Rhiannon and Ian.

It was a great day. Their new apartment was nice with great views. We had lunch at Bondi and visited the beach (my original surfing stomping grounds).

16 January 2018

Another day of howling wind.

Drove to Canton Beach at Tuggerah Lake.

I used the 4.3m sail and had such a fun time - speed runs, catapulted a few times, total distance 35kms and maximum speeds of 40 k/h.

I was doing better with my gybeing (turning) by being more in control. I next have to concentrate on exiting the turn with speed.

17 January 2018

Chloe in hospital to get tonsils removed.

18 January 2018

Chloe back home and recovering.

A short late afternoon mountain bike ride on the Rocky Point tracks at Bouddi National Park. A bit difficult as the sun was in my eyes on the best part of the tracks.

20 January 2018

A surf check but my timing wasn't good as the tide was too high for the waves to break well.

A drove to Kincumba Mountain but it was closed due to a high fire danger.

Next stop, Bouddi National Park at the Maitland Bay carpark. I rode the mountain bike along the turkey and NW ridge tracks. I was feeling more in control than the last ride. The morning was so hot, I felt a bit of heat exhaustion at the end of those runs. I rested and rehydrated.

I kept riding taking a rough track towards the start of the Strom Trail. the last time I rode this, I had a lot of difficulties but it seemed a lot easy on this run. Still, this ride is a bit unnerving in parts as it passes very close to the cliffs.

I rode the Strom trail and track on  my return run. I finished drenched in sweat and feeling overheated.

I drove home picked up Kara and we had a swim at the Haven.

21 January 2018

Surf dismal so up to Brisbane Water National Park to ride around the quarry.

I took swim gear as well but the quarry pools were very low and greenish so I passed on that one. The rise was fun - riding over the rough sandstone and trail blazing but it was so hot.

I met Jacinta at the Haven after the ride and we had swim in the cool ocean.

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