Thursday, December 7, 2017


3 December 2017

A long drive today. Six hours of driving return trip picking up my daughter from a music festival.

4 December 2017

Very tired after the drive so had a nothing day.

5 December 2017

After a surf check, I drove over to Hardys Bay in Brisbane Water for a kayak to Rileys Bay. Just as I was about to start, I had a chat with lady who wished to buy a kayak. We talked of the pros and cons and costs.

 The paddle was a good test for the new kayak as the wind was fresh but increasing.  Along the way there were a couple of piers. One of the piers was high enough to go under it.

Rileys bay was lined in mangroves and white sand beaches. I parked the kayak under the shade of the mangroves and enjoyed the silence and solitude. I turned back at the end of the bay due to the very shallow water, rocks cov ered in oyster shells and an outgoing tide.

The wind was getting stronger and was against me as I paddled but the kaayak held its speed and line well.

6 December 2017

I had a surf check at Macmasters Beach. It was sort of okay but decided to check it again with a higher tide.

In the meantime, I drove to Bouddi National park to mountain bike ride the tracks towards Daleys Point.

This ride was very challenging in sections. There are lots of tracks that sort of run parallel to the main trail. Each track was so relatively different with drops, steep sections, spiky plants, very narrow sections, rocks, logs and cliffs. The more I do these tracks the more I am liking it.

The flannel flowers were in full bloom along some of the tracks.

I tried a chest harness for part of the ride. I made a few adjustments as I was using it but it retrospect I need to point the camera higher and tighten the mountings.

I check Macmasters on the way home with a higher tide but surf was way too crowded.

7 December 2017

Kara had a medical appointment in Sydney.

While she was at the appointment, I had a 12 km bike ride along the cycleway at Cooks River. It was fun and very hot.

Back home and I had an ocean swim at Terrigal Haven.

In the evening, e started putting up the Christmas decorations under Kara's supervision. A lot of laughs.

Kara decided the angel on top of the tree needed to be modernized.

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