Saturday, December 2, 2017


29 November 2017

My daughter, Chloe and I had a hike around Warrah Trig in Brisbane Waters National Park.

We left home and it started to sprinkle, then rain and then it stated pouring. We thought about going back home but decided to try our luck. Unbelievably, we arrived at Warrah Trig and it was dry with no sign of rain.

We took advantage of the situation and had a fun and pleasant hike to the Warrah Lookout. The view was amazing across the bay and out towards the ocean.

We also stopped along Warrah Road and did a short walk to the escarpment for some views over Box Head.

I dropped Chloe back home then drove down to North Avoca Beach for a surf.

There were nice lefts breaking on a sandbank. I had a fun time before the crowd built up.

30 November 2017

About mid morning, I had a surf at North Avoca beach. There were only three surfers out with heaps of  right waves breaking. The waves broke a little randomly and then finished with a fast hard session along the shore.

1 December 2017

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month.

The surf was looking poor so I headed over to Bouddi National Park for a mountain bike ride along the tracks - Turkey, NW ridge and Strom.

I have a course that I generally follow on these tracks and I try to improve my riding in one way or another.

It was a hot ride so I drove over to Terrigal Haven for an ocean swim. Nice.

I picked up my new kayak but the wind was howling too much for a kayak.

Later in the afternoon, Jacinta, Kara and I went to dinner and music at Beery, Terrigal. 

2 December 2017

Now and again, I have bad sleeps. Last night was one of them. I don't try to fight it, I just accept that the following day will be a right-off.

I was determined to ride the kayak so I took it out at Avoca lagoon despite my body and head reluctance. 

The kayak paddled well - the seating was better and firmer, the kayak trimmed along straighter and faster and it sat higher in the water. I also tried a chest harness for the go pro camera - seems okay but  not the best for a kayak as the paddling cuts across the camera view. I will need to try it on some other sports.

The lagoon had a great variety of birds. At least a dozen species but i hadn't brought the camera gear for bird photos. 

The rest of the day was spent filling in time and dozing.

By late afternoon, I was starting to feel human again.

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