Friday, May 20, 2016


A sunny morning with light wind. The morning started off chilly but soon was soon warm.

I went for a hike/wander along the shoreline between Bateau Bay and Blue Lagoon.

I walked down the steps at Bateau bay to the sound of many birds. and snips of views across Bateau Bay and Crackneck Point.

I followed the beach and saw a guy snorkeling over a small reef close to shore. The water was a bit cool so it explained why he was moving so fast.

There are a number of small rocky reefs at Bateau Bay and I spend some time glazing at the small waves breaking across them.

I walked along the edge of the dry rocks between Bateau Bay and Blue Lagoon. I tried walking along in the shallow water but the rocks were too slippery. This is the second rrocky area that walked around previously that were fine but are now very slippery. I hope my theory is wrong but I use to remember that the rocks were covered with a more sea mollusks. Maybe the lack off mollusks has resulted in an increase in the slime that they fed upon.

As I walked along the foreshore there were a number of birds foraging for food along the cliff and the scree of rocks at the base of the cliffs.

I reached Blue Lagoon and walked along the seaweed strewn beach. There was a nice view back along the rock platform and towards Shelley Beach.

I continued through the camping area that was along the beach and upwards towards the tracks of Wyrrabalong National Park. There were some short tracks off the main track that lead to viewpoints along the coast. Nice!

A pleasant wandering 1.56km hike on beaches, rocks and bush tracks.

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