Thursday, November 29, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Ourimbah State Forest - MTB - 29 november 2012

The day was starting cloudy but predicted to be hot hot hot!

I drove to Ourimbah State Forest to try at the runs there.
On arrival there was no one there but a short time later a car pulled up. I was lad of that as after checking the map, I had no idea where the trails started.

The two guys had been here a few times and said I could follow them as the trails/tracks were only partially signposted. My lucky day!

The guys knew the way and gave me warning at the top of each rise what to expect in the next section.
The tracks lead in a variety of directions winding pass trees, etc. There was uphill, flats and downhill.

Some parts were divided into a and b tracks. The a track being the steeper. There were a lot of drop offs, holes, mud puddles, ruts, etc which made it all fun and exciting.
I had a great time and finished with perspiration running into my eyes, drenched shirt and shorts and a few scratches. The best ride I’ve had yet!

Unfortunately, I didn’t turn the gps on all the way so a big part of the map is missing.

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